Student Council 

    Congratulations to our 2021-2022 Officers!

    Student Body President: Emma Rhyne 

    Student Body Vice President: Zander Harrison 

    Senior Class President: Emilee Reynolds

    Senior Class Vice President: Jacob Sigmon

    Senior Class Treasurer: Sam Carpenter

    Senior Class Secretary: Gabe Weathers

    Junior Class President: Samantha Whitaker

    Junior Class Vice President: Caroline Carpenter 

    Junior Class Treasurer: Jaclyn Harrison

    Junior Class Secretary: Jasmine Campos

    Sophomore Class President: Megan Carroll

    Sophomore Class Vice President: Zachary Saunders

    Sophomore Class Treasurer: Lucy Thompson

    Sophomore Class Secretary: Kaylin Robinson 

    Freshman Class President: Sarah Rhyne

    Freshman Class Vice President: Ana Trejo

    Freshman Class Treasurer: Maddie White

    Freshman Class Secretary: Emma Taylor 




    **If you are interested in being a part of Student Council, but don't want to hold a position as an Officer, you are welcome to be a Member at-large. Members are able to help with and participate in Student Council events. Members and Officers should attend meetings regularly!**

    See Mrs. Weaver or Mrs. Carmichael if you have any further questions!