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Tasha Stoddard


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 Quote: Every Expert Was Once a Beginner

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My Passion

When students ask me what my favorite music is, I reply "Everything!" I love Music - no matter the genre, the era, the country. That enthusiam feeds my love for what I do and for who I teach. If I can give a small glimpse of light and joy into every student who walks through my door, then I know I have achieved my purpose. Music has that ability to transcend all cares and sorrows and connects everyone through the same language and place. That place is where I LOVE to be along with every special child that walks through my door. Music is just that AMAZING!


About Me

 I was born and raised in Good Ole' Wyoming. I was surrounded by magestic mountains, desert prairie, and lots of snow and wind. I spent most summers fishing and riding horses and many winters riding snow machines and skiing. I spent 11 years in Idaho before moving East. I've lived in North Carolina for 8 1/2 years and claim to be a mix of southern, eastern and western (if that's possible). I have fallen in love with the smokies and the beach, the food, and the plentiful things to do out East. I've been married for 17 years and have four children ranging from 10th grade to Kindergarten. I graduated in Elementary Education at BYU-Idaho in 2004. I am currently a certified Elementary School Teacher in the state of Idaho and North Carolina. I had the privelege of staying home with my children for 14 years (serving as PTO president twice) before I became certified in Music Education! I have taught Music Education for 2 years. 

My Favorites

 Fruit: Peaches and Lemons       

How I relax: Watch a movie (love old movies) or read a book 

What I collect: Antiques and Books   

Fast Food: Chick-fil-A and Panera         

Favorite Sport: Basketball 

Color: Yellow      Season: Winter       

Food: Goodness Everything! I love Food  

Cookie: Chocolate Chip 

Guilty Plessure: Soaps and Chocolate

Hobbies: Reading, Hiking, Traveling and Exploring, Organzing (it's true), Music (of course), Cooking

Most Important: My Faith, Family, and Having Integrity




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