Susan Townsend

Phone: x62314


Degrees and Certifications:

BS - Biology, Roosevelt University, Chicago National Board Certified

Susan Townsend

1st period: Honors Chemistry

2nd period: AP Chemistry

3rd period: Planning

4th period: Honors Chemistry

Office Hours: 11:30 - 1:00; After school 3:00-3:45

Clubs: Girls Who Code; ACS Chem Club




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    Sample Questions (cohen)

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  • AP Chemistry Moving Forward - 3/31/2020

    **assignments, daily questions will be located in Canvas and in the calendar of this webpage.  Use whichever platform works best for you

    Beginning Tuesday March 31, daily attendance will be taken.  You must take action daily to be considered present in class!
    Here's how to do it: each day I will post a question of the day by 9:45 (our normal class time).  You must give me the answer to the question by midnight that day. You can submit the answer via e-mail or remind message.  If work is required, take a picture or scan and send to me. 

    -all assignments in AP Classroom are for you to study for the AP exam, the order in Canvas is a suggestion.  You can do the assignments in any order, work for about 60 minutes each day.  

    -some of you may have picked up a paper packet on Monday 3/30, if you are unable to access AP Classroom, you must do those assignments. In fact, I encourage everyone to to the review quizzes! They will be posted as a module called "Review Quizzes".  All of the quizzes are from Michael Farabaugh's YouTube channel.  It is an excellent resource and strongly encourage you to watch his videos.  He uses our textbook, so the chapters align with the chapters we covered in class.

    -If you have purchased a review book, use it!

    -Have you been online to College Boards YouTube channel? They are posting review videos.  Watch them!

    -Aside from answering the question of the day, send me an email at least weekly summarizing what you have done.  Send me pictures or scans of your work and I will provide feedback.

    -Send me an e-mail or Remind message whenever you have a question and I will get back to you as soon as possible

    Extra credit opportunities have been requested, I am thinking of some ideas and will post something this week.


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  • Honors Chemistry - Moving Forward 3/31/2020

    **assignments, notes and video links will be located in Canvas and in the calendar of this webpage.  Use whichever platform works best for you

    I will need to start taking attendance starting Tuesday March 31.  Here is how it will work:

    -notes, videos and assignments are posted for each school day. 

    -you are expected to copy/print the notes (I have provided Cornell note outlines for each), watch one or more videos and complete the assignment

    -take a picture of the assignment (or scan) and submit to me.  You can upload in Canvas, or send me an e-mail.  Make sure the assignment is clearly labeled with the assigned date and assignment name

    -completion (at least 75%) of the assignment counts as attendance for that day (regardless of the actual day you do the assignment)

    -you are expected to work 60 minutes each day on my class. How you organize your time is up to you, but I do suggest keeping the same schedule daily

    -I will provide feedback for your work

    -keep your work and notes organized so that we can review when we return to school

    I will be working from 8:30-4 everyday, but you can e-mail me or send a Remind message any time!  I will answer as soon as possible.

    We will likely have a Zoom video meeting on Wednesdays at our normal class times (8:30 for 1st period and 1:30 for 4th period).  This will be time for you to ask questions, so if you have something specific you want answered or worked through, send me a message.

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  • Ck12 High School Chemistry Online Textbook

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  • Here is a summary of the topics that will be covered on the 2020 AP Chemistry Exam

    AP Chemistry Units 1-7 At a Glance

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    1. Sign up for Remind by texting @6ee6cd (for Honors Chemistry) or @3h634b (for AP Chemistry) to 81010.  This will be the easiest method of communication to all students.  You can send me individual messages if you have questions about the assignments.

    2.  E-mail works too!  I will be at work and checking e-mail frequently

    3. The unit plan for the next couple of weeks is available in 3 ways:

          -paper copies are available between 1-4 Wednesday March 18 and Thursday March 19

          -PDF's are already in Canvas in a module called "Distance Learning"

          -on this website in a section below called "Distance Learning" 

    4. By the end of the week there will be a module in Canvas and a tab on this website called "Preview".  This is a completely optional set of notes/assignments to prepare for our return.  All concepts will be thoroughly covered in class when we return to school

    5. AP Chemistry: College Board will give an update on March 20 regarding AP testing.  It looks like the test will be delayed but still offered.  The review assignments are basically the review that we would do before the AP test.  New content will be covered when we return to school. 

          -for the review assignments, do the best you can and flag any questions you can't answer.  Try to write a question so I can help you

          -there is a time limit on the assignments, but they are guidelines to help you prepare for the timing on the AP exam

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all

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  • Please click the link for your class syllabus

    Chem 2 Honors/AP Chemistry Syllabus

    Honors Chemistry Syllabus

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  • Sign up for Remind to receive announcements and reminders for class.  You can also send me messages any time. Text the code for your class listed below to 81010

    Chem 2 Honors/AP Chem: @3h634b

    Honors Chem: @6ee6cd


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Distance Learning - Honors Chemistry

Distance Learning - AP Chemistry

  • Supplies needed for Honors Chemistry:



    3-ring binder

    notecards, tape, file folder for flip chart

    scientific calculator (graphing calculators are acceptable but not required).

    You must bring these items and your textbook to class every day. 

    Also, please consider donating a box of facial tissues/Kleenex for students to use throughout the semester.

    Textbooks may be left in the classroom and are left at your own risk, you are still responsible for the textbook that is assigned to you.



    If you have missed a day or are having trouble understanding anything in class you can try the videos listed below.  Go to youtube, and search for the topic and one of these names: Bozeman Science, Crash Course Chemistry, Tyler DeWitt or Khan Academy.  For example, searching "Crash Course Chemistry electron configurations" will result in a really interesting look at electron configurations and music presented by Hank Green!

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Mole Day Project and Rubric

Solutions Unit Resources