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    Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! I'm am looking forward to teaching and inspiring student to reach their goals. Our school examines the fundamentals of learing and utilizing a variety of research-based practices, assessments (formal and informal) to determine the most appropriate application for student success. Student that are enrolled in Math I, II, III, & IV, English I, II, III and IV, World History, Civics, Economics, American History, Earth Science, Physical Science and Biology will receive necessary support to engage, enlighten and highten student learning. 

    The course strategic design involves structuring students conceptual framework to be independent and self-sustaining learning. The research based methodology that will be used are applicable to learns that are Visual Learns, Auditory, Kinesthetic or multifacet learns with a combination of more than one aspect of learning .

    In an aspiration of best practice methods as an inclusion teacher would be to formulate student needs based on differentiating instruction tailered to students learning style.These tactical methods and models of learning offers an exploration of assessment tools in understanding student sensory and processing skills that connect their levels of comprehension in core content areas.

    As a teacher with over a decade of professional experience and an array of educational resources and metadisciplinary studies, I will all my resources to  gather data from the student work samples to design lesson plans and activities that are align with academic goals/objectives, state and district assessments.

    In an effort to lead students to higher levels of critical thinking while modeling new concepts of learning, it is my hope that each student will reach his or her focused - centered aspiration towards his or her designated career patheway with confidence and success. The values and norms of learning are the essence of creating a stimulating environment for learning while encouraging academic discipline, student accountability and a sense of belonging in an one-on-one or group setting. As the students progress through the 2021-2022 school year, it is with great anticipation in which I look forward to engaging students, parents and essential key stakeholds in a constructive and collaborative manner regarding student outcomes coupled with obtaining feedback to enlightened, enhance and embrace the needs and outcomes of my students. The practices employed in the classroom is the blue-print for the foundation of student achievement with unlimited boundaries.


    Fall Schedule for 2021                                                                  Spring Schedule for 2022                                                                

    1st Period - Biology                                                                      1st Period - Planning                                                                            

    2nd Period - Math III                                                                   2nd Period  -Math II                                                                         

    3rd Period - Math II                                                                     3rd Period - Math III           

    4th Period - Planning                                                                   4th Period - Math IV                                                                          

    Phone:  704-736-1969

    Email:  pbarnes@lincoln.k12.nc.us

    Degrees & Certifications:
    Bachelor of Science & Master's of Science

    Course Expectations:
    Please Review the Calendar regarding assignments DUE DATES.
    In order to TRACK your child PROGRESS, please sign into POWERSCHOOL to review your child grades.
    The due dates for assignments will be waived in accordance to the handbook absentee policy
    Please review the new Tardy Policy and the consequences associated with the POLICY.
    Make sure your child understand the techology policy in the student handbook.
    All classroom policy and procedures for the classroom can be found on the Lincoln County District page outlined in the student hand book.

    Graphic Calculator
    3 Ring Binder
    Writing Pencils
    Color Pencils
    Glue Sticks
    1 Composition Notebook

    Teacher Wishlist:
    Kleenex (alot of students have allergies)
    Desk Clorox Wipes
    2 inch Binders
    Copying Paper