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Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Education Radford University Health/PE/ Drivers Ed. Certified First Tee Instructor Certified CPR/First Aid Instructor; American Red Cross

Mr. Jason Otey

Welcome to Coach Otey's Physical Education Class at Iron station Elementary.  Coach Otey has been teaching Health and PE for 19 years in Va. and in NC. and has been with Lincoln County Schools for 9 years.  Coach Otey also serves as the Head Varsity Women's Basketball Coach at East Lincoln High School.  During your time at Iron Station, we will be covering a wide variety of games and activities while working to develop Muscle Strength, increase Heart and Lung Capacity and improve Flexibility. We are also the only PE program in Lincoln County to offer the First Tee Curriculum and its Nine Core Values to our Student Body. I hope that when you leave my program you will be well equipped to live a long and healthy life! Come each day prepared with your athletic shoes, water bottle, positive attitude and willingness to give great effort and most importantly HAVE FUN

PE @ Home Ideas! Stay Active = Stay Healthy!

  • Students and Parents, in this interesting time period that we are in where our normal schedules and daily life activities have been interrupted, it may seem like we do not know what to do with our time or how we can stay active. One of the best ways that you can stay healthy and build your immune system is through daily activity! The threat of COVID-19 can actually provide some very positive opportunities in our daily schedules where, either individually or with family and neighbors we can get "back to the old days" of playing and staying active in and around the home. I encourage each and every one of my students to make time in your day to be active as well as try to eat as many healthy food options as possible and drink lots of water. Each Student should try to get, at MINIMUM, 60 Minitutes of activity each day, but feel free to be as active as possible all day! 

    Using a notebook, or any type of paper, Please document or keep a log of how much time you spent getting exercise or being active throughout each school day. List the date, what activities or exercises you performed, and how much time you spent being active that day. Have your parent sign off on your log each day to verify that you completed each days worth of activity. Remember, to get at minimum, 60 minutes of activity each day.

    Here are some Healthy ideas for Students and Families that you can do at home for the next few weeks!:

    - Ride Bicycles: Bike riding is good for balance, core strength and cardio.

    - Take Family walks around the neighborhood: Fresh air, Cardio and time spent together!

    - Walk the Dog: Kill two birds with one stone as they say. Activity for you and your favorite four legged friend!

    - Create your own obstacle course: Be creative and utitlize things from around the house or in the Garage. Time each other to see who is fastest

    - Plan your own Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of things to find around the house or neighborhood

    - Play chalk games: Hopscotch, jumping lines, bean bag toss games

    - Hula- Hoop games: Hula Hoops are versatile- jump rope, jumping obstacles, hula hooping, bean bag toss, etc

    - Play Horseshoes or Cornhole!

    - Go "Old School": Hide and Seek, Tag games, Red Light- GreenLight, Flash Light Tag after dark(One of my all time Favorites)

    - When the Temperature Rises, turn on the sprinkler or the hose and get wet! Always a classic way to have fun and be active.

    - Be Creative: get outside and create your own games and adventures. Use your imagination to design a fun game or activity. Run, Jump, Play, Climb, Roll down a Hill,

    - Sports: Always a winner! Shoot hoops in the driveway, Throw baseball or play baseball, wiffle ball, etc. You don't need a bunch of players, you just use the "ghost man on base" strategies. Toss the football or play some two hand touch with the neighbors. Run Relay races. badminton/ volleyball in the yard. AND so many more options when you just explore the world of sports.

    - Workouts: if you are more into working out, than playing, then you cannot go wrong with Old School Body Weight and High Intensity Activities: Push-ups, sit- ups, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, burpees, squats, lunges, planks, etc. These exercises have been making people strong for 1000's of years!

    - Try some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training): An example would be a Tabata: a Tabata consists of 20 seconds of high activity with 10 second breaks in between. You will need a stopwatch. You may have to modify the tabata to fit your level of activity needs and then work up to doing the entire 8 minute exercise over the course of a few tries.

            Tabata example: Speed Squat(20 secs.) 10 sec break, Mountain Climbers(20 secs.) 10 sec break, Push- ups (20 secs.) 10 sec break, High Knee run in place (20secs.) 10 second break. Repeat the cycle. Then take a 1 minute break and do two cycles again. if you do all 4 cycles, that will be 8 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training that will burn more calories than 20 minutes of running! 

    * Also, check out the Online Resources section of my webpage for some cool online activites that you can try. I have put some helpful videos on this page that will do a good job of getting you started with at home workouts that you and the whole family can do. I will add to this library each week that we are not in school.  

    * Again, even though we are having to spend more time than usual at home, it can result in some very positive time with Family, Friends and Neighbors, and certainly can provide some fun and creative ways to stay healthy and active. A great resource for fun, creative activities are your Parents and Grandparents as this is how they grew up. Remember, alot of them never had or had little access to computers, cell phones, video games, etc. They can provide you with lots of good options for being active and you might find that if you include them in your daily activity that you might bring out their youthful energy and enthusiasm as it will bring back good memories of being a kid which in turn can hopefully bring families closer together in these difficult, tough moments in time that we are all living through!

    - Stay Safe! Stay Active! Stay Healthy!