ESL Beginner-Advanced

  • ESL CLASS DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                                                    Teachers: Mrs. Klabo and Mrs. Garza

     Welcome to English Language Learning! You will have the opportunity to explore and acquire English language in a small class setting during this course.  The class will focus on the academic and social language necessary to be successful in your educational and personal life.  Vocabulary is highly emphasized.  Reading, writing, speaking and listening will be expected during this class.  Participation is expected in all activities and discussions to the best of your ability.

    Class Expectations: We will read, speak, write and listen to information in English with our classmates and our teachers. We will be respectful. We will be kind. We will learn.

    School Policy:




    Materials (needed every day): Notebook, pens/pencils

    About ESL Class:

    Vocabulary Bellwork: This should be started every day as soon as the bell rings, you will finish it for homework if necessary. You may use the bilingual dictionaries for reference. 

    Classwork: Consists of reading and listening comprehension activities, independent projects, group and partner work focusing on the language of social studies, science, mathematics and language arts. 

    Participation: Students will be expected to interact with other students, read assigned texts and lead discussions. 

    Quizzes/Tests: Any material covered will be assessed in weekly quizzes and unit tests.

    Bathroom Policy: It is expected that students visit the restroom BEFORE class in order to preserve learning time. Should you have an emergency, you must exchange your phone for a bathroom pass. Emergencies should not be an everyday occurrence. If you have special bathroom needs, please bring a doctor's note for documentation.