• Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing - Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing introduces the student to the manufacturing industry and its associated career paths. Students learn about careers offered in manufacturing and about how to prepare for and then pursue those careers. Students learn how manufacturing companies operate. A number of common manufacturing technologies are described. The use of computers and automation in manufacturing is explored. Students work on hands-on projects designed to provide insight into the world of manufacturing.


    Rapid Prototyping - Rapid prototyping technologies are revolutionizing the fields of manufacturing and engineering. Intelitek's Rapid Prototyping course includes a comprehensive overview of the history of rapid prototyping, current and emerging technologies and career choices in the field; multi-level activities including creating prototypes from specifications using various rapid technologies and a capstone project that challenges students to create a prototype using the technology of their choice, assemble and test the prototype and report the results of the project.


    CAD with spectraCAD Engraver (I) - The CAD with spectraCAD Engraver module teaches you how to create and modify CAD drawings in a CAD-CAM environment. Many of the spectraCAD operations you will practice in this module will enable you to navigate features and commands that are common to most CAD software applications.