• The Art department is excited to announce the following winners of our school art show:
    Principles Choice: Lily Teseniar for "Butterflies"
    Student Choice: Anna Kinsland for "Princess Leia"
    Best of Show: Brynn Price for "Self-portrait"
    In Black and White Drawing
    Honorable mention: Denver Patterson 
    3rd Place: Christina Zawacki
    2nd Place: Faith Guia
    1st Place: Lily Teseniar
    In Color Drawing
    Honorable mention: Faith Guia 
    3rd Place: Hannah Cox
    2nd Place: Alyssa Galvin
    1st Place: Emily Turner
    In Sculpture
    Honorable mention: Nicole Orozco 
    3rd Place: Anna Minton
    2nd Place: Tate Wood
    1st Place: Jonathan Castro
    In Painting
    Honorable mention: Eli McHone 
    3rd Place: Shelley Friel
    2nd Place: Amber Griffin
    1st Place: Lily Teseniar
    In Mixed Media
    Honorable mention: Anna Minton 
    3rd Place: Maddy Lundkovsky
    2nd Place: Sarah Anne Lazorik
    1st Place: Sam Wilson