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    Contact Information:

    general e-mail:  cmancos@lincoln.k12.nc.us



    Grades: *All assignments, tests, etc. missed because of absence will be entered as “0” until completed. (I keep all quizzes/tests/projects)

    tests, summative projects: 60%        

    quizzes:      20

    class work:   20%  (includes in-class work, homework, note/notebook checks, speaking activities, etc.; work presented when I check it; no late work accepted)

    final exam:   20%  of the final course grade  *may be exempt based on LCS criteria (grades & attendance)


    make up work from absences: student is responsible for monitoring Power School and making up missed work within 5 days, quizzes & tests before/after school


    re-tests on tests-before or after school within 5 days of receiving notice of the low score; retest=75%, original=25%

    *student must present relevant class notes or copy them if unavailable, re-study, attend a review session; complete additional remediation if necessary

    *students may re-test on quizzes if grade earned is below “60”, maximum re-test grade-“60”

    *not available to student receiving "0" as a result of cheating                              



    1. Be on time, in your seat and have materials (paper, pencil/pen, notebook) ready when bell rings. Do not stand around the door waiting for the bell to ring.

         *If you come in late because of another teacher, etc., you must bring a note from that teacher.  If this is a pattern, I will no longer accept the excuses.

    1. Speak only at appropriate times and only in a courteous manner. When permitted or required, speak quietly  
    2. Electronics will be turned off and put away unless students instructed otherwise (for a specified classroom activity). No charging devices in the classroom.
    3. Do not use online translators, websites, or native speakers. Use your notes, vocabulary lists, and physical dictionaries as resources.
    4. Have only bottled drinks with caps in my classroom, no cups. Do not have or consume food, drink, candy, etc. 
    5. Do your best work for all assignments, first consulting your notes, lists, dictionaries, etc. before requesting additional help.
    6. Have out only what is necessary; keep all other items put away. (This includes work for other classes.)
    7. Do not touch or use items around my computer, desk, podium, cart, etc. unless I have given you permission to be there.
    8. Remain in the classroom in your assigned seat during class unless instructed otherwise, and until dismissed after the bell.
    9. Respect your school, your teacher, your classmates and yourself.
    10. Follow all school rules.

         ***Consequences: I will determine this for specific violations: a warning, review of rules, break/after-school detention, parent contact, or office referral.


    Additional Information:

    *Place all electronics (including phones, SMART watches, etc.) in back pack upon entering room.  Take out notebook, paper, and pencil for class.  Neatly place backpack, bags, etc. in specified location around the room (based on the student’s seat location). Items will remain there until the end of class unless otherwise instructed.

    *Notes: Students MUST take notes, maintain a notebook & review folder; bring them to class daily.  Check notes for help, & ask for additional help (with notes visible)  Notes and/or notebooks may be graded throughout the semester.

    *Do Not seek the assistance of on-line resources such as Google-Translate or have Spanish-speaking individuals tell the student what to write.  The student must do his or her own work.  (Often, suggestions use advanced grammar and verb tenses that the student has not yet been taught, appearing that the student is not doing his or her own work.)

    *Spanish-English Dictionaries are very helpful.  Inexpensive (under $5.00) can be purchased from many stores.  (No electronic translators, on-line dictionaries or translation sites may be used.)  NOTE:  Student’s use of verb tenses and complex grammatical structures are evidence of inappropriate or outside assistance which may be considered evidence of Academic Dishonesty.

    *Homework: Expect homework several nights per week.  Attach assignments to notebook paper, write answers below it, & place multiple assignments on paper.

     DAILY: review vocabulary, conjugations, and past notes every evening.  (Language is cumulative. Material learned at the beginning is also important later on.)

    *Electronics: Students may not have out or use any electronic devices in my classroom (includes but is not limited to cell phones, SMART watches, I-pods, mp3 players, games, computers, cameras, etc.) unless directed by teacher.  School policy will be followed but the teacher reserves the option to lock up the item until the end of class and the student may be barred from class activity using such technology.  Students refusing to turn over items will be referred to the office. Possession of an electronic device during a test will be considered cheating.  Devices may not be charged in class.  

    *Emergency hall passes - you will receive 4 emergency passes during each 9-week period (for restroom, guidance, office to phone home) (Students should be gone no more than several minutes.) If all emergency passes are used, students will stay after school or be subject to some other consequence for additional passes used.  Students gone for more than 5 minutes will be written up as skipping/in unauthorized area or other appropriate designation. 

    *Make up work: Notes are in the notebook in the front.  Check it before or after class, or when you have finished all class work.  Do not remove anything from the notebook.  (Pick up assignments/handouts from me after class.)  If you miss a test or quiz, make it up before or after school.

    *Students may not enter class asking to go somewhere or with various requests.  I must begin class and complete administrative tasks.

    *Prior to taking tests or quizzes, students will be required to place all personal belongings (book bags, purses, cell phones, SMART watches, electronics, books, jackets, etc.) in the front of the room.  Electronics (including but not limited to cell phones & SMART watches) may be collected. 

    *In order to meet requirements for honor roll, class ranking, etc., all make-up and extra credit work must be completed by the end of the grading period.

    *Students may be exempt from the final exam for this course.  Consult the student handbook for school policy details.

    *Tardies: Students are considered tardy to class if not completely inside the classroom when the bell rings. Consult the student handbook for school policy.  (On the third tardy, the information will be sent to the office.)

    *Tutoring:  Students who are having difficulty must make the effort to come back for help.  I am available most days before and after school to go over material on an individual basis.  A sign-up sheet will be posted on the door.

    *Parents and students may reach me by e-mail (cmancos@lincoln.k12.nc.us) or by calling me before or after school at (704)736-1860.

    Spanish I

    Course Description: Students will be exposed to a wide variety of basic vocabulary and basic grammar.  Grammar will be presented by comparing processes in the English language with those used in the Spanish language.  Students will learn to use the present verb tense.   Students will focus on the three major areas of language learning:  reading, writing and speaking.

    Class Updates:  text message updates sign-up:  Remind 101   (704)966-8723, text class code @msmanco


    Spanish II

    Course Description: Students are expected to be familiar with basic grammar concepts and vocabulary from Spanish I.  After a brief review, new verb tenses including the preterite (past), future, present progressive and imperfect tenses will be emphasized.  Also emphasized are more complex grammatical structures such as object pronouns, and comparisons and superlatives.  Additional (new) vocabulary will be included.  Communications skills will also be featured.

    Class Updates:  text message updates sign-up:  Remind 101   (704)966-8723, text class code @msmancos

    Spanish III

    Course Description:    Students are expected to be familiar with basic grammar concepts and vocabulary from Spanish I and II.   After a brief review, the course will emphasize new verb tenses, including the conditional, present perfect, subjunctive and imperative tenses, and more complex grammatical structures such as the distinction between “por and “para”.  Students will study additional vocabulary and more complex readings.  Communications skills will also be emphasized.

    Class Updates:  text message updates sign-up:  Remind 101   (704)966-8723, text class code @94726


    Spanish IV

    Course Description: Students are expected to have a basic understanding of oral & written Spanish and be familiar with basic vocabulary & grammatical concepts from Spanish I, II, & III.  Following a review, students will learn new grammatical structures, verb tenses & vocabulary.   In addition, students will be exposed to various forms of authentic literature (poems, short stories, etc.) from Spanish-speaking countries.  Communications skills will also be emphasized.

    Class Updates:  text message updates sign-up:  Remind 101   (704)966-8723, text class code IV - @96bb7