Driver Education 


    Lincoln County Schools has contracted with North Carolina Driving School to provide driver's education services for their school students. 

    Things parents and students should know about driver education:

    • Students must be at least 14 ½ years old and enrolled in a public school, private school, or homeschool to register for driver's education.
    • Students who meet the age requirement may register for the class by using the link below or with the school's driver's education facilitator.
    • A fee of $65.00 must be paid online or at the student's school before attending class. Families unable to pay the $65.00 fee may apply for a reduced fee of $45.00 (please see the driver education facilitator to obtain the form).
    • A parent/legal guardian must complete the Reduction in Fee form.
    • North Carolina law requires students to complete 30 hours of classroom coursework as well as 6 hours of behind-the-wheel driving.
    • Students 15–17 years old must pass 3 out of 4 school subjects to obtain and maintain a North Carolina driver's license.
    • Registration for Driver Education Course will open 3 weeks before the first day of class.


    Register for Driver Education Course Work - NC Driving School

    Online payment through the K-12 payment center (Payment can also be made at your child's school)

    NC Graduated Licensing

    NC Driver Handbook

    Regulatory Signs

    Warning Signs











     Phone: 1-800-375-6550
    Phone Number: 1-800-375-6550
    Eric Eaker
    Chief Operations Officer
    (704) 736-1017 ext. 30225
    Kim Gates
    Driver's Eligibility Certificates
    Parents may obtain their student's DEC (Drivers Eligibility Certificate) during the school year from the Driver's Ed Facilitator at each high school.  Please get in touch with the school to set up an appointment with the facilitator.
    Please bring the following information with you to obtain the Driver's Eligibility Certificate.
    • Certified copy of the Birth Certificate
    • Social Security Card
    • Drivers' Education Certificate
    • Two proofs of current address 
    Lincoln County Schools' Transportation Office issues the DEC during summer and other long breaks.  LCS Transportation Office is located at 2660 Maiden Hwy, Lincolnton.  Office hours are Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 4:00 pm.