• Kindergarten Registration  

    Is My Child Old Enough For Kindergarten?

    Children who will turn five years old on or before August 31, 2018 are eligible to attend Kindergarten. 


    Which School Will My Child Attend? 

    Information on which school assignment for a specific address can be obtained by accessing the School Locator at http://lcstimsedulog.lincoln.k12.nc.us/livewq/webquery/ or by contacting a nearby school. 


    When Do I Need to Register My Child? 

    Registration for children entering kindergarten is February 12, 2018 through March 9, 2018.  Parents must register their child at the school they will attend. Registration for first graders new to Lincoln County will also occur at that time. 


    What Do I Need to Have to Register My Child?

    All Lincoln County Schools students must reside with a parent or court-appointed legal guardian who is a district resident.  To enroll you will need the following items:


    • certified copy of the child’s birth certificate


    • 2 proofs of residency –i.e., Active NC Driver’s License, Photo ID issued by state DMV, utility bill in person’s name (cell phone bills will not be accepted), lease agreement, Real Property Tax Bill


    • Documented evidence of immunizations as per state law.  Please see your health care provider or the Lincoln County Health Department with specific questions regarding this.


    • A completed health assessment – This form will be provided to you upon registering your child at your assigned school or you can download and print the form below.  This should be completed by your health care provider prior to the start of school, but must be completed no later than 30 days after school begins.  Failure to provide this information will result in the child being excluded from school.  Assessment forms are also available in the forms section below.  All sections of the assessment (including developmental, hearing, and vision) must be completed.


    • A picture ID will be required of the parent or guardian registering the student.


    Parents of children who need immunizations or a health assessment should take their child to their health care provider or to the Lincoln County Health Department to complete these requirements prior to the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year. 


    What Forms are Needed to Register My Child? 

    Enrollment Form - English

    Enrollment Form - Spanish

    Health Assessment Form (to be completed by health care provider)

    Home Language Survey


    What Happens After I Register My Child?

    Upon registering their child for kindergarten at their assigned school, parents can schedule an appointment for the Kindergarten Screening.  Each school uses the Brigance Early Childhood Screening Tool to assess students to facilitate classroom placement.  Listed below are the dates scheduled for Kindergarten Entry Screening at each school site:


    April 11-12

    S. Ray Lowder


    April 24-25

    Pumpkin Center Primary


    April 26-27

    Catawba Springs


    April 30

    G.E. Massey


    May 1



    May 2



    May 3

    Norris S. Childers


    May 4

    North Brook


    May 7-8

    Rock Springs


    May 9

    Iron Station


    May 10-11

    St. James



    * Kindergarten Entry Screening for Love Memorial will be announced at a later date.