• How do I become a member? 

    In your Junior year, if you have a minimum weighted GPA of 4.2 after Q1 and no discipline infractions you will be invited to apply for membership. A GPA of 4.2 does not guarantee entry. An application is filled out regarding the pillars of NHS which include service, leadership, character, and scholarship. A faculty council then votes on the applications. If the criteria is met, an invitation will be sent requesting your induction into the National Honor Society Chapter of NLHS. If you have any further questions please email jqueen@lincoln.k12.nc.us

  • How do I stay in good standing with my membership?

    GPA: I understand the GPA requirement for NHS is a 4.2. Consequences: Article VII Section 2: Any active member whos cumulative scholarship average falls below a 4.2 for one report period shall be promptly warned, and notified in writing, and if the cumulative average falls below 4.2 for a successive report period, he/she will be entitled to a hearing before the faculty council for consideration for dismissal. 

    ATTENDANCE: I understand the ATTENDANCE policy for NHS - all meetings are Mandatory. Consequences: Article VII Section 3: Any active member who misses two meetings shall be warned and put on probation. If he/she misses an additional two meetings, he/she is entitled to a hearing before the faculty council for consideration of dismissal. You must see Mrs. Queen BEFORE a meeting if you are concerned that you may be absent for ANY reason.

    SERVICE: I understand the SERVICE HOURS requirement - 10 total hours with at least 6 club hours. Consquences: Article VII Section 4: Any active member shall participate in 10 hours of service with the National Honor Society completing projects. 5 hours are required at the end of the first semester. If the hours are not met, he/she is entitled to a hearing before the faculty council for consideration of dismissal. 

    COMMUNICATION: I have signed up for Remind by texting 81010 with the text message @nlhsnhs. I understand that this is a major communication tool used for NHS. If it is a message posted in Remind, I am responsible for keeping myself informed. 

    If ever in doubt, I will contact Mrs. Queen via Remind, email jqueen@lincoln.k12.nc.us, phone 704-736-1969 ext 512, or in person in room 512 during 1st/2nd/3rd or 612 during 4th for clarification on any requirement/issue.