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    Posted by KRISTEN HULL on 1/13/2016


    Our August character trait is Responsibility.  We learn to do our best on class work and homework, help our parents at home, follow rules, bring supplies each day, keep up with our things, and take care of things that we borrow from others.



    Our September character trait is Respect.  We learn to listen to our parents and teachers, speak to others the way we would like to be spoken to, be polite and use good manners, take care of ourselves and those around us, treat animals with kindness, treat other s the way we want to be treated and take care of the earth by keeping it clean.



    Our October character trait is Fairness. We learn to share with others, take turns, plays by the rules, think about other's feelings, and treat people equally.



    Our November character trait is Courage.  We learn to do what is right when others don't, stand up for what we believe, do what we are suposed to do, ask questions if we need help, help others who need us and try new things.



    Our December character trait is Caring.  We learn to help those that are in need, care about others' feelings, be kind to others, do things for others without expecting something in return.



    Our January character trait is Cooperation.  We learn to work together with our classmates, participate in class, do what our parents and teachers ask us to do, take turns with others and do our fair share.



    Our February character trait is Honesty.  We learn to tell the truth, do our own work, be sincere with others, keep our promises, do what is right, and not spread rumors about others.



    Our March character trait is Self-Discipline.  We learn to control our behavior in class, do our homework before we play, solve problems by talking, not fighting, eat foods that are good for us, follow all school rules, and listen and respect our parents.



    Our April character trait is Perseverance.  We learn to never give up, believe in ourselves, keep working until we are finished, keep trying even when we want to quit, and do a little each day to reach our goals.



    Our May character trait is Citizenship.  We learn to obey the rules and laws, take pride in our school, community, and country, do our best work, help keep the earth clean, respect the rights of all, and remind adults to vote.




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