• Directions to send transcripts to colleges:

    High School Senior

    North Carolina colleges- Click here. Log in. Click on Apply to College, then Application Hub. Click on Request a Transcript. Search for the college, check the box and confirm that you want it to be sent. Almost all seniors have created a CFNC Account. If you were not present for this, create an account. If you forgot your account information, then retrieve it. If you are still unable to log in, see Mrs. Matthews or Mrs. Lackey. If you send the transcript once, it will automatically send your final transcript after you graduate.

    Common Application-if you are using the Common App to apply to colleges, when you enter your counselor's email address, she will get notification to upload your transcript. This transcript will be uploaded to all colleges you are applying to through the Common App

    Out-of-State colleges-See Guidance Secretary in Guidance to complete a request form. Note how many you need. She will give them to you the next day. Officlal transcripts are sealed. Do not open them. Place the undergraduate admissions mailing address on the envelope and mail them off! You do not have to wait for the application to be submitted before mailing them. Mail them as soon as you start. Please note that it may take up to 3-4 weeks for your transcript to get processed and show on your online college account that they have been received. 

    Gaston transcripts-if a college you are applying to requires a Gaston transcript, typically it is just an unofficial transcript. You should be able to go to your WebAdvisor account and create a PDF of the screen and upload that. However, the college you commit to will want the official transcript sent to them, which you can access here: https://www.gaston.edu/records-registration/transcripts-request/

    Scholarship applications-follow the same process for out-of-state colleges.