Enrolling New Students

Enrolling New Students


    To enroll a new student at North Lincoln High School, you will need the following items:

    1.  Student must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

    2.  Registration is completed online through the Lincoln County Schools new student registration site.  Click here to access this registration site

    3.  Birth Certificate of Student

    4.  Immunization Records

    5  Proof of Identity of Parent or Guardian 

         Examples:  Driver's License, DMV Photo ID, Military ID, Passport, Green Card

    6.  Two Proofs of Address showing that you live in NLHS district

         Examples:  Utility Bills (power, water, cable, gas (no CELL PHONE BILL), Tax Bills, Lease Agreement, Mortgage Statement

    7.  Transcript/Report Card from Previous School

    8  Withdrawal Form from Previous School 

         Students must withdraw from previous school before enrolling at NLHS

    9.  Custody Documentation, if applicable