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    General Information

    ELHS students are on a block schedule, meaning that they take four classes Semester 1 and four different classes Semester 2. 

    Seniors are permitted to graduate in January if they have satisfied the required 28 credits and have signed the early graduation contract prior to the beginning of their Senior year. Early grads do not finish school until mid January. If they are interested in enrolling in college in January, students are responsible for contacting the college to see if they are able to start in time. If not, they will need to wait until the Summer or Fall term. If students are interested in applying to competitive colleges, it is recommended that they remain at ELHS their senior year and enroll in rigorous academic coursework to get them prepared for college.

    High School Graduation Requirements

    Lincoln County Schools High School website 

    High School Curriculum Guide

    Fillable High School Planner and College Admissions Info


    Being present and on time to school is paramount in a student's success in high school. Students with 5 unexcused absences in a semester are at risk of failing courses. Absences may be excused with a doctor's note or court note. 

    Lincoln County Schools Board of Education Policy on Student Attendance

    Promotion Criteria

    10th grade: 6 credits

    11th grade: 13 credits

    12th grade: 20 credits.

    This criteria is modified for new students who did not have the ability to earn 8 credits per year. 

    Credit Recovery

    If students need to recover credits that they have failed, we have three opportunities: Winter, Spring or Summer school. Math and Biology are typically face-to-face with a teacher and the rest of the courses are done online. The online program is quite challenging and requires a great amount of self-discipline. It is HIGHLY recommended that you pass the class the first time around!


    Math tutoring, click here!

    Spanish tutoring-see Mrs. Mancos in RM 206


    Students and parents have the ability to check grades and attendance on Powerschool. Click here to log in! It is highly recommended that parents and students check Powerschool daily for the most accurate account of attendance and grades.

    Contact Information

    Mrs. Avery calls home weekly with an automated message, including valuable event information. If you are not receiving these calls, please call ELHS and update your main phone number.