• Scholarship Advice

    1. Spend time on the scholarship essay if one is required! The essay is usually the item that makes students receive a scholarship. Have the readers get to know you, what makes you tick, what your ambitions are, what your fears are, how you have overcome something(shyness, confidence, personal/academic obstacle, etc.)

    2. Save your essays because you may be able to use them for another scholarship.

    3. Try to place all scholarships in a large envelope rather than folding it. That way it looks presentable.

    4. Apply for as many as possible! You would be surprised at how few students apply. Even when there is one ELHS winner, we may only receive a handful of applications.

    5. Every college gives away their own scholarships too, and those deadlines are usually in Oct/Nov. Check their website out!

    6. If you are a first generation college student(neither parent has a college degree) or if you qualify for free/reduced lunch, mention this on your applications! If you do not have significant financial need, clearly articulate how you are still in need of scholarships(parents aren't helping with tuition, mulitple children in the family, etc.)

    Helpful Links

    Explanation of full-ride scholarships to some NC colleges


    Lincoln County Schools Scholarship page: Lincoln County Student Scholarships

    NCHSAA. Deadlines and amounts vary. For senior athletes. Playing collegiate sports is not required. Click here.

    CFNC Scholarships. Deadlines vary. Deadlines vary.

    Gaston College Promise-ongoing. Full tuition. Must complete 15 CCP credits as a high school student or complete a pathway. 3.25 unweighted GPA and 2.0 college GPA. Click here

    Gaston College SPARC.Deadline ongoing. Up to $6000 per yr. For high-achieving, low-middle-income families wanting to major in STEM. Hands-on STEM classes, research opportunities. Most students end up getting scholarships to further their degree at a 4-year college. Click here

    Gaston College Scholarships. Deadlines vary. Click here

    CPCC Scholarships. Deadlines vary. Click here

    Apprenticeship 321. Open deadline. CCP students preferred. Full tuition, books and fees paid by employer for various degrees and certificate programs in the Advanced Manufacturing Program of Study. Juniors and seniors are eligible. See Mrs. Pennington to apply. Click here

    Scholarships for Minorities. Deadlines vary. Click here

    LGBTQ Scholarships. Deadlines vary. Click here

    ROTC Scholarships-application opens up in June and closes in January. Click here

    High School Heisman Award. Deadline is Oct 20. $500 for the state winner. Must play a Varsity sport. Click here

    Coca-Cola Scholars Program-Deadline Oct 31. $20,000, 150 awards given. Must be a US citizen. Click here

    Ron Brown Scholarship. Deadline Jan 9. For high-achieving African-American students who have financial need. Click here. 

    DECA Student Scholarships. Deadline Jan 15. $3000(80 awards given) Must be a DECA member at ELHS. Click here

    Material handling Education Foundation Scholarship. Deadline Jan 15. $1000-$6000(40 awards!). The Foundation offers scholarship award opportunities to undergraduate students who are pursuing a material handling, logistics or supply chain career. Most majors for this scholarship include: Industrial/Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, or Computer Science/Business, which plan on handling supply chain management. Click here.

    Microsoft Disability Scholarship. Deadline March 1. Must be a senior with a disability who plans on attending a vocational or 4 year college to pursue a career in engineering, computer science, law, business, etc.  Click here

    Nikhil Desai "Perspective" Scholarship. Deadline Feb 1. $1000. This scholarship is for anyone who has had one moment in their life shift their perspective and perception on what it means to live. This moment can be joyous, sorrowful, or comedic; everyone's experience is unique and equally pertinent! While not required, applicants who are first-generation Americans or first-generation college students will be preferred, but ultimately the winner will be chosen based on the quality of their essay. Click here

    GE Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program. Deadline Jan 6. $40,000(20 awards given!). Demonstrate leadership, drive, integrity and citizenship. 3.0 unweighted GPA. Click here

    Live Mas Scholarship Program. Deadline Jan 11. $25,000(200 awards!) Must be making a positive impact on the community. Submit a video! Be creative! Click here

    Society of Manufacturing Engineers Scholarship. Deadline February 1. $10,000(100 awards given!). Must pursue an Associate or Bachelor's Degree in Manufacturing Engineering, Technology, or related field. Click here

    Instapot Life Zest for Cooking Scholarship Award Amount: $1,125 Application Deadline: 4/1/21 Eligibility: Students who love to cook. Click here.

    PB&J Scholarship. Deadline May 31. $500-$1000. For students who have experienced personal challenges, that may not have allowed them to perform well academically. Click here

    Elevate Mental Health Awareness Scholarship. $500. Deadline June 1. Must have struggled with mental health or know someone who has. Click here. 

    Nearby Community College Support Programs



    Some of these will update or become active as the year goes along. Keep an eye on the ones that might apply to you!

    Ladies in Action Scholarship. amounts vary. Essay and references required. Deadline June 16. 2.5 min GPA. Minority students attending college. Click here.

    Little Bundle Superdad Scholarship. Deadline Dec 31 and June 30th. Have been impacted by a single-dad. Can attend a trade, 2 yr or 4 yr. Click here.

    Amber Parker Scholarship. Deadline April 26. various dollar amounts. Must plan further education after high school, be involved in extracurricular activities, community involvement, and good character. Application and 2 letters of reference. Submit online and give a copy to Mrs. Keefer. click here for application

    Horatio Alger Scholarship. Deadline Oct 25. $10,000-$50,000. Critical financial need, overcome adversity, 2.0 GPA, participate in community service. Click here.

    National Beta Scholarships. Deadline Jan 21. $20,000(250 awards!). Be a Beta member. Click here

    Harry Clarke Scholarship. Deadline Jan 22. $1000-$2000 renewable. One is for a 2-yr college, the other application is for a 4 year. Good character, financial need, good grades, community service or work experience. Click here for 2 yr, Click here for 4 year

    National Beta Scholarships. Deadline Jan 21. $20,000(250 awards!). Be a Beta member. Click here

    SECU People Helping People Scholarship. Deadline March 3. $10,000. Must be a SECU member and attend one of the 16 NC public universities. 2.5 GPA. Click here for criteria. Click here for application. Turn in to Mrs. Keefer.

    Potts Memorial Scholarship. Deadline March 5. From Lincoln County and demonstrate significant financial need. Search "Potts" in the search bar on the FTC page to find it. Requires 2.5 GPA. Click here.

    R. Flake Shaw Scholarship. Deadline March 8. $4000 for 4 years. Intention to pursue a degree in agriculture. Click here for application and instructions.

    Lincoln County Harter O'Neil Scholarship. Deadline March 21. $750. For a senior pursuing an AA or Bachelors Degree in a Business-related field. Click here. 

    The Bulow Bowman Scholarship. Deadline March 31st. For a female senior attending UNC Greensboro or NC State with financial need. Printed applications outside of guidance online application. Search "Bowman" in the search bar on the FTC page to find it. click here

    Trey Whiteside Scholarship. Deadline April 1 to Mrs. Keefer. $1500 to ONE ELHS student!  Must be in LCS schools for 4 years. Character, achievement, community involvement, financial need(does not necessarily mean low-income) and the desire to succeed in college. Printed application is on scholarship board outside Rm 8 or click here.

    George Stoudemire Scholarship. Deadline April 2. $2600. Lincoln County student, preference is given to students majoring in agriculture, natural resources, forestry, family and consumer sciences, or other fields closely related to the work of Cooperative Extension. Click here.

    Women in STEM. Deadline April 5. $500. For females entering STEM field. Click here

    DeMayo Law Offices Arrive Alive Scholarship. Deadline April 12. 2500. Based on grades, SAT/ACT, school/community involvement, and a presentation. Application available outside guidance office or by clicking here

    NC Society of Accountants: Deadline April 15. $1000. Must pursue a career in Accounting. Click here

    Speak For You Scholarship. Deadline April 20. $500. 3.0GPA. Write an essay about when you voiced something you were concerned about and how it impacted you. Click here

    Charlotte Knights Scholarship. Deadline April 25 at 11:59PM. $1000. Must pursue career in healthcare or STEM. Contact Mrs. Keefer ASAP if you're planning to apply, so she can complete a counselor form and other supporting documents for your application. click here for online application

    Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce Scholarship: Deadline April 29 at 3PM. $1000. College bound seniors. click here Turn completed application to the Chamber of Commerce by 5:00 p.m. on April 30, 2023. 

    Fight with ME Scholarship (Mirand Eckard). Deadline April 30. Application here, also available outside guidance office.

    Kandace Helms Scholarship. Deadline April 30. $2000. 3.5 GPA, 500 word essay, 3 references, community service. Click here 

    Lake Norman Tennis Association. Deadline April 30. $1000. Must play tennis at school or club level. Click here

    Lincoln County Extension & Community Association scholarship. Deadline April 30. $1000. Essay, references, financial need. Click here

    Lincolnton Lions Club. Deadline May 4. $500 to one ELHS student! Turn completed app and picture into Mrs. Keefer. Financial need, academics, goals, involvement. Click here

    Democratic Women of Lincoln County. Deadline May 10. Essay and references required. Email application to Mrs.Keefer. For directions click here. Application click here

    Lineberger Family Art Scholarship. $2500. Deadline May 15. Must have taken at least one art class and plan to attend college for an art related major. Complete application and submit 3 original pieces, 2 letters of recommendation, 2.75 minimum GPA. click here for application

    Gwen Stroud S.A.L.T Scholarship. Deadline May 2. Multiple sport female athlete. Attending a community or 4 year college. Application, 2 essays, transcript, 2 letters of recommendation, optional high school resume. Email application to allisonhorne@charter.net   Click here for application.

    East Lincoln Optimist Scholarship. Deadline May 17. $500. Winner must have played at least 1 year with an East Lincoln Optimist team. Application and essay required. email applications to daniel.schmitz@lincolncharter.org  click here for application

    Kate Gaddy Memorial Scholarship. Deadline May 1st. Essay and application required. Must plan to attend four year college after high school. Good character, school involvement, values friendships, wants to make a difference in the world. Scholarship description        Apply here please email completed applications to jwgaddy916@bellsouth.net

    Financial Aid

    Two financial aid documents must be completed:

         1. FAFSA-Opens Oct 1. Awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

         2. Residency Determination Services-open now. Must be completed to receive in-state tuition

         This document compares the two applications

    The FAFSA is the FREE financial aid application to receive grants and loans. It can be completed after October 1st. Each college is given a certian amount of grants(free money) to distribute. Once the money is gone, all they can offer are loans. Apply as early as possible after October 1 to increase your chances of receiving grants. You do NOT have to have your taxes completed for this year in order to submit the FAFSA. All families should apply, regardless of income..  Click here to go to the FAFSA website. Here is a list of tips for parents from CollegeBoard and here is a video explaining how to do the FAFSA

    Help with FAFSA

    Get help with the FAFSA

    Click here for 7 things you need BEFORE the FAFSA

    Click here for a link to helpful FAFSA resources

    Click here for the FAFSA in Spanish

    Click here for an explanation of the different types of loans

    Click here for why you should do the FAFSA. 

    More helpful links:

    1) What Happens After the FAFSA is Filed? Link: https://youtu.be/3QOyZ1pAI30

    2) North Carolina State Grants: Links: https://youtu.be/3QOyZ1pAI30%20%0d2 https://youtu.be/xXlMlpam21c 

    3) Making Changes on the FAFSA; When to contact the financial aid office: Link: https://youtu.be/u53SbiHMkuo

    4) What to do when there is a change/loss of income: Link: https://youtu.be/6ZjJ7-sVDvw

    5) Verification: What to do if my FAFSA is chosen:  Link: https://youtu.be/1gNpa-Rs4HM

    6) Student Aid Report – How to Use it:  Link: https://youtu.be/Op5nKUVYTPI


    You are allowed to contact the financial aid office at a university to negotiate the financial aid package. If you feel like you did not receive enough money, it is recommended that you do the following.

    1. Understand the award letter. Note how much unmet need you have left

    2. Find out whether the college has a protocol in place to negotiate. Call or look at their website

    3. Be professional when asking for them to negotiate whether it is on the phone or in a letter. If the school is your top choice and the only thing standing in your way is the financial aid package, kindly tell them that. Send them a copy of your highest offer letter to see if the school will match it. If you have received any additional awards, high grades/test scores, include this info. 

    4. Make a compelling case. if a parent has lost a job since you completed the FAFSA, explain this. Other changes in health, family expenses, divorce, etc. should all be communicated.