Below is information about the State Employees Credit Union Scholarship where one of our students is guaranteed to receive a $10,000 scholarship.  The deadline to submit the completed application and all materials via email to Mrs. Cable is February 24, 2023.  


    State Employees Credit Union Scholarship - $10,000

    The SECU Foundation People Helping People Scholarship is only available to graduating public high school seniors who are either current members of State Employees’ Credit Union (“SECU”) or the child of a parent/guardian who is a member of SECU at the time of application. Membership eligibility does not include Local Government Federal Credit Union or NC Press Association Credit Union members. Preference will be given to students whose parents or guardians and family members are public sector employees (state, local or federal government; public health; public education) who live and work in North Carolina. Additionally, preference will be given to those majoring in public service degree programs (such as Public Health, Education, Public Administration, and Public Policy). While not a requirement, identification of a financial need, as determined by submission of a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), will be taken into consideration by the selection committee.


    West Lincoln High School’s Scholarship Committee will narrow our school's applicants to three students.  Then a Lincoln County Schools Committee will make the final selection for the scholarship.  Please see the criteria below and the attachments for materials.  The attachments include the application, bio guidelines, samples, and other information.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to see me. 


    Students must meet the criteria listed below: 

    ·  Must be a SECU member or is eligible for membership through a parent/guardian. - *NEW this year* Students must show proof of membership.  More             information to follow on this new requirement.

    ·  Must be a US citizen and a resident of North Carolina

    ·  Must be attending one of the 16 UNC system universities

    ·  Must have demonstrated scholastic achievement with a 2.5 or higher unweighted GPA

    ·  Must have demonstrated leadership, excellence of character, integrity and community involvement

    ·  Must file FAFSA as part of the application.


     Applicants must submit the following:

    1.      Resume  (Brief Bio with accomplishments and Awards)

    2.      Copy of Acceptance Letter from one of the UNC system campuses

    3.      Completed application using Microsoft Word. Please email the application to me.

    4.      Consent Form

    5.      Photo (Head shot)


    Please see your email for the application and more information.



    The Thomas Wolfe Scholarship

    This UNC-Chapel Hill scholarship is for full undergraduate support for student writers. 
    The application process involves two (2) steps:
    Step 1) an application to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by
    October 15th, 2022; and,
    Step 2) an application to the Thomas Wolfe Scholarship by November 15th, 2022.
    Students must apply to both the University and the Scholarship to be considered.
    Preliminary screening will be completed in January, 2023, with final screening concluding
    in early March, 2023. Three outstanding candidates will either be brought to the UNC-
    Chapel Hill campus for interviews or interviewed virtually and a final decision will be made
    in early April, 2023. For complete information and to apply, please click the following link: https://englishcomplit.unc.edu/creative-writing/scholarships-and-awards/.
    Please see the information below about the Golden Door Scholarship.  Applications are now open and on a rolling basis but are due by October 23, 2022.

    Applications are considered on a rolling basis, so applying early is helpful.

    Who is the scholarship for?

    • Students attending college in Fall 2023

    • Students who have DACA, TPS, or are undocumented

    • Applicants must be a high school student, recent high school graduate, current college/community college student, or have obtained a GED

    • Applicants must have high financial need. Strong preference will be given to applicants who are not eligible for in-state tuition

    • Strong preference will be given to those who are interested in pursuing one of the following career paths: software engineering, nursing, analytics, business, and digital marketing. Popular majors that align with these career paths include math, statistics, computer science, data science, nursing, etc.

    Scholarship Benefits:

    • Tuition for up to 4 years at our partner colleges

    • Room and board for up to 4 years at our partner colleges

    • Career readiness support

    • Mentor and fellowship opportunities

    • Annual community building summit


    The Wilson College of Textiles at North Carolina State University is now accepting endorsements for their Textile Scholarships, one of the largest college-based scholarship programs at NC State. 

    The Textiles Scholarship program is designed for students who are interested in career fields such as engineering, business management, design, chemistry, polymers, forensics, medical fields, fashion merchandising and retail management.
    • Centennial Scholarships (award up to 10 per year) valued at $15,000 – $22,000 annually for four years and $7,500 in enrichment grants

    • Textile Pioneer Scholarships (award up to 4 per year), valued at $14,000 annually for four years and $4,000 in enrichment grants

    • W. Duke Kimbrell Scholarships (award 2 per year) valued at $22,500 annually for four years

    • North Carolina Textile Distinguished Merit Scholarships (award 7-10 per year), valued at $5,000 annually for four years

    • Prestige Scholarships (award 7-10 per year), valued at $2,500 - $3,000 annually for four years 

    Competitive applicants demonstrate high academic achievement, strong leadership qualities, involvement in extracurricular activities and civic engagement and an interest in textile-related careers.  

    You may self-nominate or ask to be one of our school's nominees.  For more information about each scholarship and to apply, please click the link below:

    You may also attend the Wilson College of Textiles 2022 Annual Open House on October 15, 2022 from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. This year the Open House is open to the community with program information sessions, tours and activities for those interested in learning more about the incredible opportunities associated with the Wilson College of Textiles and the textile industry. More information can be found on NC State's  website.  
    You must complete NC State's admissions application by the November 1st deadline.  All Centennial Scholarship applications must be completed by December 1st.
    If you are interested in attending Gardner-Webb University, please see the information below about a full-tuition scholarship:
    If you are interested in being nominated for the Gardner-Webb University Tucker Heart, Soul, Mind & Strength Scholarship, please email Mrs. Cable no later than October 20, 2022, with a paragraph about why you believe you exemplify the characteristics of a Tucker Scholar. Please see the description below:
    Gardner-Webb University's culture of Christian faith and service is founded upon Mark 12:29-31. The Tucker Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength Scholarship seeks out students who demonstrate the potential to apply these four attributes in carrying out a commitment to service for God and humanity.
    Heart signifies the capacity to love God and our neighbor. It calls us to serve with compassion and understanding in order that the Kingdom of God may be advanced in this world. Soul represents the life of faith that is nurtured by the Gardner-Webb experience and that compels all of us to serve God’s Kingdom. Mind denotes the intellect, well-developed by the Gardner-Webb experience, must be fully applied if service is to be effective as it is God who gives us our mind. Strength, coupled with perseverance and resilience, is imperative for one to face the inevitable challenges brought by a life of faith, service, and commitment.
    GWU Tucker Heart, Soul, Mind & Strength Scholarship:
    • 8 semesters (4 years)
    • Full-tuition
    • Room and board
    • All fees
    • Scholarship applications (to be completed by the student after nomination) Nov. 7
    • If selected, student will participate in on-campus interview in late November


    For the UNC-Chapel Hill Morehead-Cain, Davidson College Belk, Davidson College Bryan, and the UNC-Charlotte Levine Scholarships, please see the criteria below.  You must sign up and be nominated for these scholarships. Our Scholarship Committee will select our school's endorsements/nominees.  Please see Mrs. Cable ASAP if you want to be considered for our school endorsement.


    UNC Chapel Hill Morehead-Cain Scholarship

    Full Tuition Scholarship.  Must demonstrate leadership, scholarship, moral force of character, scholarship, and physical vigor.  West Lincoln High School will select two students to be nominated from students who sign-up.  Deadline to sign-up with Mrs. Cable in the Counseling Office is September 13, 2022.


    Davidson College Lowell L. Bryan Scholarship

    The Bryan Scholarship is a scholarship for a senior athlete who is interested in attending Davidson College.  Students must present an outstanding academic record, show leadership in both the classroom and in their sport and are impact players at the NCAA Division I Level.  Eligible sports are as follows: Baseball, Cross Country, Golf, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track and Field, Soccer, Swimming, Diving, Tennis, Wrestling, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, and Volleyball.  Deadline to sign-up with Mrs. Cable in the Counseling Office is September 16, 2022.


    Davidson College John Montgomery Belk Scholarship

    Scholarship to Davidson College.  West Lincoln High School will nominate one or two students to be considered for this scholarship.  Students must be interested in attending Davidson, demonstrate academic excellence and enthusiasm, integrity, and leadership ability and potential.  Full tuition plus two special study stipends of $3,000 each will also be available for students to pursue international study and other enrichment opportunities.  Deadline to sign-up with Mrs. Cable in the Counseling Office is September 16, 2022.


    UNC Charlotte Levine Scholarship

    Full scholarship to UNC Charlotte.  Students must demonstrate a commitment to community service, hold an academic record that reflects a sustained passion for knowledge, and possess a capacity for ethical leadership that elevates fellow students to a higher standard.  While there are no minimum SAT, ACT or grade point averages to apply for the Levine Scholarship, students must excel academically in their intellectual pursuits and show evidence of experience, motivation and commitment toward the ideals of the program. There is no minimum number of students that can be nominated.  Deadline to sign up with Mrs. Cable in the Counseling Office is September 16, 2022.


    You do not need to sign up to be considered for the following scholarships.  You may apply by clicking on the link in the description.


    NC State University Park Scholarship

    Full tuition scholarship to NC State University.  The Park Scholarship's selection committee evaluates applications on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  You must complete a NC State application as well as the scholarship application.  Please click here to apply: park.ncsu.edu/apply Deadline to complete the applications is November 1, 2022.


    Questbridge Scholarships

    Questbridge scholarships are full tuition scholarships offered to high achieving low income students wanting to attend a renowned college/university.  Please visit the link below for more information and to apply.  Deadline to submit an application is September 27, 2022.  https://www.questbridge.org/high-school-students/national-college-match.


    Heisman High School Scholarship

    The Heisman High School Scholarship has leveraged the reputation of the Heisman Memorial Trophy as a symbol of great ability combined with diligence, perseverance, and hard work. This year, the Heisman High School Scholarship is awarding $128,000 in scholarships.  Students will compete for 100 scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $10,000.  Eligibility begins with maintaining a weighted GPA of 3.0 (B average) or better. Applicants also need to be proven leaders and role models within their school and community.  Applicants must participate in at least one school sponsored sport in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade.  The deadline to apply is October 18, 2022, at 3:00 pm in order to be considered. For more information and to apply visit,  heismanscholarship.comPlease use my email (acable@lincoln.k12.nc.us) when you apply so that I can verify your information.


    The Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship is an achievement-based scholarship awarded to graduating high school seniors. Students are recognized for their capacity to lead and serve, as well as their commitment to making a significant impact on their schools and communities. 150 Coca-Cola Scholars are selected each year to receive a $20,000 scholarship. Applicants must be a US Citizen and have plans to pursue a degree at an accredited US institution. Deadline to apply is October 31, 2022.  Apply online at https://www.coca-cola scholars foundation.org.  


    Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship -   High achieving high school seniors with financial need who seek to attend and graduate from the nation's best undergraduate universities may be eligible. Cooke College Scholars receive up to $55,000 per year college planning support, and ongoing advising.  For more information, Click here.  Scholarship application deadline is November 17, 2022.