• Lunch

    Elementary Paid Students:  $3.15

    Middle & High School Paid Students:  $3.25

    All levels Reduced Students:  Free

    All levels Free Students:  Free

    Adults/Guests - $4.00




    All Students - Free

    Adults/Guests - $2.00




    Charge Policy

    The Board of Education recently revised the policy pertaining to charging in the cafeteria.  Students will be allowed to charge 20 lunches.  Students exceeding the charge limit and who do not have money, will receive a differentiated meal (cheese sandwich, fruit, milk or water).   If you need help paying for meals, please complete a free or reduced meal application.  Meal applications are available on our website, the Child Nutrition Office, and the school office.  If you need assistance with meal applications, please contact Amanda Davis at 704-736-4301.