• This page is for the Spring 2020 4th period Civics & Economics class.

    Supplies for class include:

    3-ring binder (at least 1 inch) with paper

    8 dividers with pockets

    blue/black pens

    mechancial pencils

    Classroom supplies:

    any new OR USED colored pencils, markers, crayons, sissors, glue sticks or other supplies are greatly appreciated

    Tissues, hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes

    cases of water (I like to have cold water bottles on hand for students)

    Use the links to Canvas and Remind to keep updated on class assignments, assessments, and any change in due dates during the semester.

  • American History:  The Founding Principles,

    Civics and Economics 

    Syllabus for Spring 2020

    Mrs. Carolyn Prunier Room 212



    According to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, “Civics and Economics has been developed as a course that provides a framework for understanding the basic tenets of American democracy, practices of American government as established by the United States Constitution, basic concepts of American politics and citizenship and concepts in macro and micro economics and personal finance.”

    The Department of Public Instruction requires all students take a statewide final exam. The Lincoln County Board of Education has adopted a policy requiring this exam will be the class final exam and will be 20% of the final average for each student.

    The Founding Principles:  Civics and Economics course has ten Essential Standards approved by the NC Department of Public Instruction.  

    Civics & Government:

    1. Analyze the foundations and development of American government in terms of principles and values.
    2. Analyze government system within the United States in terms of their structure, function and relationships.
    3. Analyze the legal system within the United States in terms of the development, execution and protection of citizenship rights at all levels of government.
    1. Understand how democracy depends upon the active participation of citizens.
    2. Analyze how political and legal system within and outside of the United States provide a means to balance competing interests and resolve conflicts.


    Personal Financial Literacy:

    1. Analyze the concepts and factors that enable individuals to make informed financial decisions for effective resource planning.
    2. Understand how risk management strategies can empower and protect consumers.


    1. Understand economies, markets and the role economic factors play in making economic decisions.
    2. Understand factors of economic interdependence and their impact on nations.
    3. Analyze the role of government and economic institutions in developing and implementing economic stabilization policies in the U.S.


    Student responsibilities:

    Students are to hand in all work on time or communicate with me before class as to why the assignment could not be completed on time.  Be on time and prepared for class daily. Students who are consistently late or unprepared take away from instructional time for the entire class.  Students should be in their seat and ready to begin class before the final bell.

    Students are to have the following supplies:

    • three-ring binder
    • paper for notes and assignments 
    • 8 dividers with folders (pockets)
    • Highlighter
    • Pens - blue or black only
    • Pencils – regular and colored

    Teacher responsibilities:

    My responsibilities include ensuring that each student has access to all of the curriculum in order to be successful in Civics & Economics.  I will use the county Canvas app to deliver all assignments and notes and remind for students and parents to contact me with questions or concerns See my website for links..  

    I am available for tutoring, make-up work or meetings after school upon request.  Information given in class will be available on my webpage on a weekly basis. Updates on class instruction will be given on Remind101 app.

    Classroom rules:

    My classroom rules are to follow all NLHS rules and come to class on time and prepared.  If an assignment is not completed on time due to a family emergency or personal reason, please email as soon as possible.  If this is not possible, students should come and meet with me prior to class time.  

    Cell phones are only  permitted to be used/seen in my room upon my direction.  Phones must be put in the cell-phone pockets before class begins.  

    In case of an EXCUSED absence, students have THREE days in which to complete work missed UPON RETURNING. Make-up quizzes or tests for an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE is at the teacher discretion.  Projects or other assignments made in advance of the date of absence are due upon return to class unless approved in advance by the teacher.



    Students will be graded for each assignment and assessment.  There are three categories for Powerschool: Unit Assessments (Tests & Quizzes) 40%; Vocabulary and Quizzes: 30%; Classwork 30%.

     Lincoln County policy requires grades be entered within 10 days of the test date.  NCFinal exam will count 20% of final average. 



    Time for tardies must be made up according to the following. Failure to serve the make-up time will result in office referral.

    1st and 2nd tardy Warning

    3rd tardy Parent Contact

    4th tardy 10 minute Detention 

    5th tardy Office referral