Welcome to Foundations of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

  • This page is dedicated to provide information about our class.  Notes, test information, and upcoming events will be posted on our Google Classroom page.

    The STEM course is an exploratory class that provides students with an engaging and motivating introduction to science, technology, engineering and math, including the history of engineering and technology.  Students will explore careers in engineering, create technical drawings and develop life skills while solving real-world challenges.

    Units to be covered:

    Unit 1: Introduction to Engineering

    This unit will introduce you to the exciting field of engineering. 
    Engineering, in its broadest sense, has been around since humans first started solving problems. Now, with the continually accelerating pace of development in the 21st Century, engineering has evolved to include dozens of areas of specialization, such as electrical engineering, civil engineering, bio-medical engineering and more. 


    Unit 2: Introduction to Industrial Design

    Welcome to the Intro to Industrial Design unit. In this unit, you will be introduced to what industrial designers do.  You will redesign a simple office supply product, learn and practice technical drawing techniques, and be introduced to how products are made. 

    Industrial Design

    Unit 3: Mechanisms 

    Welcome to the Mechanisms unit. In this unit, you will examine various components of mechanisms including gears, pulleys, levers, and more. You will create several of these simple machines to observe their operation first-hand. The course also instructs you on the calculation of mechanical advantage, force, friction, work, and other measurements associated with mechanisms.