• The School Improvement Team (SIT) plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall performance, effectiveness, and success of our school. Its primary purpose is to lead and facilitate the continuous improvement efforts within the school. The key purposes of SIT are:

    • Data Analysis and Assessment 
    • Developing Improvement Plans 
    • Monitoring Progress and Implementation
    • Facilitating Collaboration and Communication
    • Ensuring Alignment with our School's vision and mission
    • Addressing Equity and Inclusion
    • Resource Allocation and Utilization
    • Professional Development and Capacity Building
    • Engaging Stakeholders
    • Evaluation and Reflection
    • Adapting to Changing Needs and Circumstances

    Overall, the SIT's purpose is to facilitate a collaborative and data-driven approach to improving the quality of education, fostering a conducive learning environment, and ultimately enhancing the educational experience and outcomes for all of our students. 

    SIT members are elected and serve a two-year term. 

    Mrs. Catherine "Elizabeth" Leatherman, Teacher Grade 8, is the 2023-2024 SIT Chairperson. Contact Mrs. Leatherman by email:  eleatherman@lincoln.k12.nc.us or by calling 704-736-0262. 

    SIT members include: 

    Marybeth Avery, Ed.S.   Principal

    Kassie Arndt                  Assistant Principal

    Erin Selbe                     Assistant Principal

    Lyndsey Tice                Parent Rep, SITProcess Manager, and PTO President 

    Hannah Detter             Teacher Career and Technical Education

    Maria Hipp                   Spanish Teacher (Spring Semester) 

    Ashley Arnold              Teacher Grade 7

    Laurie Dymes, Ph.D.   Teacher Grade 6, Lincoln County Schools Teacher of the Year, ELA Instructional Coach

    Patricia "Patty" Fedo    Teacher Grade 6

    Annette Heavner          Media Specialist 

    Cindy Colosso             Paraprofessional Data Manager

    Mary "Missy" Hill         Teacher Exceptional Children 

    Kristin Karr                  Teacher Grade 6, Math Instructional Coach

    James "Kyle" Pierce    Teacher Grade 8, NCMLE Region 6 Coordinator 

    Dawn Risse                 Teacher AIG ELA 

    Kiley Sigmon               Teacher Grade 6 

    Deb Rohn, Ph.D.         Teacher Grade 7

    Mary Grace Werner     School Counselor 


    Our monthly meetings are conducted on Wednesdays, from 3:15-4:15 pm, in our Media Center.

    Our 2023-2024 SIT meeting dates are: