• How do I get an educational experience approved as an excused absence?

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    As the school building administrator, I have the ability to excuse up to two days per school year for educational opportunities. Any days beyond these two would be counted unexcused.

    School Board Policy 4400 (Attendance). Section B7 states:

    (An absence may be excused for any of the following reasons):

    Participation in a valid educational opportunity such as travel or service as a legislative or Governor’s page, with prior approval from the principal.

    Family vacations will no longer be granted an educational excuse. If your child plans to attend a program on a political or educational campus, approval must be granted by the principal prior to the program. Permission may be requested by emailing sclancy@lincoln.k12.nc.us   At the conclusion of the program, documentation of their attendance from the specific entity must be provided.

    Once this is received by the office, I will excuse up to two of the days you have requested. It will not be the responsibility of the teacher to create extra assignments or projects for the student to complete while they are out. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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  • What is the policy for making teacher requests?

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    Teachers and Administrators spend many hours preparing class lists that are balanced and contain a mixture of abilities and behaviors in order to form a heterogeneous learning environment. We believe that parent input is important. Mrs. Clancy is interested in hearing about your child's learning strengths and needs and the type of classroom environment in which you feel your child best achieves. She is also interested in hearing about their previous experiences in school and how these experiences may have helped or hindered their learning.

    With that said, specific teacher requests are not allowed. We are sure you can imagine the imbalance filling specific teacher requests would create.

    We are, however, committed to weighing all factors in creating classes. We consider the following objectives:

    1. Assign students to teachers who can best meet individual student's needs by matching teaching and learning styles

    2. Structure classes to be heterogeneous

    3. Assign an equal number of students to each class in a given grade level

    4. If possible, distribute an even number of boys and girls to each classroom

    5. Group students who work well together

    6. Separate students who do not work well together


    We at St. James pride ourselves in knowing your children. We also pride ourselves on the high caliber of our teachers. We trust our process and our knowledge of your child, combined with your input, will serve him or her well.


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