• In fourth nine weeks, we have explored in science life cycles. We got the priveledge to go to Kid senses this month and the students really enjoyed it. They said that their favorite things were the microscopes, magnets and the firetruck. We also got to participate in field day this nine weeks their favorite acitvities were the water games and tug o war. 

  • These photos were taking from our second nine weeks! We have enjoyed learning about the first thanksgiving, studying plants and studying our global hoildays. We disected owl pellets.  

  • This first nine weeks we went to Devine Farms on a field trip. The students along with the teachers and a few parents enjoyed the farm. We heard about plant cycles, pumpkin cycles, animal cycles and families names. We went on a wagon ride through the fields and got to see some spooky eyes in the woods. We played on hay bales, with tractors and old farm equipment, dressed scarecrows, played on a tire swing and many more fun activities outside. We were able to pet baby animals and enjoy a corn maze and sunflower maze. We even had a cool picinic lunch with the bees under the trees then picked out a pumpkin.



    Cultural center

    We saw painting of people, stage where plays are put on the play Frankstein, the museum with artifacts from Lincoln County. We saw a pictures and paintings of Jesus life. The floors were black and white and looked like a checker board. The building was an old church. We learned about history and saw an old printer. This taught us about our history in Lincolnton. 

    Court House

    We got to sit in a long bench in the court room. We met a judge. We saw where people can get married. We learned that people there have important jobs. 

    Sherrifs Department

    We saw guns that the police officers were carrying. We got to see jail cells and where the prisoners spend all there time. We liked talking to the sherrifs and learning about how they protect us. 

  • The photos above are picutres from our first nine weeks here at school. We have enjoyed getting to know one another and getting to learn how to work together even though we are all different. 

    Things we have done 

    *science learning about sound, fire safety, field trip to the Batanical Gardens, school bus safety, of course reading, writing, and mathematics

  • The photos above are from our second nine weeks in school. We really have been working hard at learning NOW!

    Few things we have completed 

    *Science studing noise and sound, inner and outer ear, field trip to kid senses, pumpkin carving, cooking like Indians, studying about different cultures and Christmas around the world, bones, technology learning how to type our stories and use listening readers and learning from a real life veteran. 

  • In the third nine weeks pictures. We have started this nine weeks looking like we are 100 year old when we celebrated the 100th day of school.