women have continued to be at the forefront of some major industry-changing advancements in computer science

    "Changing the Curve: Women in Computing" provides a timeline of women's achievements in computing and computer science, addresses the gender gaps in education and the workforce, and includes additional resources for women and specifically for women of color. 


    You can find the full resource here: https://ischoolonline.berkeley.edu/blog/women-computing-computer-science/

  • A Guide for Women in STEM: Closing the Gender Gap


    STEM refers to the group of academic disciplines including Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Examples of STEM are:

    Women are represented far less in technical occupations than men. According to the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), in 2015, the percentage of computing occupations held by women was three times less than that of the male representation in STEM. 

    The article goes on to break down the 25% of women in STEM occupations by race. 16% of the 25% are white women, 5% are Asian women, 3% are African American, and 1% are Latina/Hispanic. The underrepresentation of women in STEM is due to a variety of contributors from biases to underlying feelings of discouragement toward earning a master’s in data science or other in-demand, tech-oriented degrees. 






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