The Three Es

  • East Lincoln High School believes that planning for graduation starts long before senior year.  Enrollment, Enlistment or Employment. 

    These three words encapsulate your options for the future and highlight the importance of setting goals early on in your high school career. Let's start with course selection. High school isn't just about learning; it's about preparing for your future. Consider your options: Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and Dual Enrollment. These choices can impact whether you enlist in the military, enroll in college, or enter the workforce right after high school.

    Let's begin with the first 'E' – Enlist. Some of you may be considering military service, a noble and honorable path. Your course selection can significantly impact your readiness for this journey. For those with aspirations to serve, a challenging academic regimen, including Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and Dual Enrollment courses, can be a testament to your discipline and dedication – qualities highly valued by the armed forces.

    The second 'E' – Enrollment. Many of you are thinking about college, a place where you'll further your education and shape your future. Your course selection here matters immensely. Consider AP and Dual Enrollment courses; they can earn you college credits, putting you ahead on your academic journey. But high school isn't just about the classroom; it's about discovering your passions and talents through extracurricular activities." Sports, clubs, service, and leadership roles help you develop teamwork, leadership, and time management skills – qualities colleges and employers’ value. And for those contemplating military service, these experiences can set you apart. The military values individuals with a well-rounded skill set and leadership abilities, which you can develop through your extracurricular involvement.

    Finally, we arrive at the last 'E' – Employment. After high school, some of you may choose to enter the workforce immediately. Your part-time jobs during high school can provide invaluable work experience and connections that will serve you well as you embark on your career journey.

    Goal setting is your compass through high school. Whether you choose to enlist, enroll in college, or embark on your career journey, your choices matter. So, remember these three words: Enlist, Enroll, Employment. Set clear goals, choose your courses wisely, embrace extracurricular activities, and you'll be on the path to a bright future. Your future is yours to shape. Begin your journey with purpose and determination. Start today!


Which way are you going?