• Below find a listing of AIG specialists and their contact information. Please reach out to the specialist at your student’s school if you would like a conference regarding gifted services.



    Teacher School Email
    Crystal Ryczek
    Rock Springs   
    Carrie Munday  Catawba Springs   
    Maryellen Fay  St. James   
    Wendy Labar Union & Rock Springs  
    Jennifer Grey  G. E. Massey & S. Ray Lowder  
    Donna Belk  Iron Station  & Battleground  
    Kelly Rudisill  Pumpkin Center & North Brook  
    Stephanie Campbell  Norris S. Childers & Love Memorial  



    Teacher School Email
    Caitlin Grigg NLMS  
    Dawn Risse NLMS  
    Jana White  LMS  
    Jenny Gragg WLMS   
    Tara Kane  ELMS   
    Allison Huffman ELMS   


    High - AIG Counselor

    Teacher School Email
    Lori Maxwell  NLHS  
    Michelle Keefer  ELHS  
    Abbey Parker  LHS  
    Amy Cable WLHS  


    If you are interested in being a parent representative on the AIG Advisory Group or if you have a topic for the group’s consideration, please email Kennan Eaddy, Director of Student Support Services.