• The following will list the expectations of each student on the E-sports team and consequences for not meeting the expectations. Students on the team are held to a high standard and are expected to be role models that represent our school well!


  • In order for students to be eligible to be on the team, they must meet sports standards set forth by the Lincoln County School Board and attend tryouts. These standards are as follows:


    • Students must pass at least 3 of their 4 core classes with a 60 or above

    (Students on the team the previous season must pass all 4 core classes with at least a 60)


    • Students must miss no more than 13 days of school in the previous semester


  • Due to the high interest in the team, tryouts will be necessary. If a game has a tryout, it will be unbiased and give an equal opportunity for all students trying out. Each game we play is very different and requires different skills to succeed. Due to this fact each game's tryout process will look different, but an attempt will be made to give a “score” for each student. If a student meets eligibility standards, but does not make the team due to tryouts, an effort will be made to provide areas of improvement for future opportunities.

Student First

  • Team members are students first. For e-sports alone students are playing 6 hours of games a week. If the students begin to fail, it is assumed that they need more time to focus on school. If a student drops below a 70 percent in any class during the season they will benched, until they can get their grades above a 70, or show an active effort in the direction to do so. Teachers in the building are aware of this and will notify me when this occurs. This is to help the student be able to remain on the team throughout their time in Middle School. If a student takes initiative and needs time during practices to maintain their grades they may do so (they need to let me and their team captain know if this is needed).

Sportsmanship and Student Conduct

  • Students on the team as previously stated are held to a high standard and are expected to meet it. During practice and tournaments students are to be respectful to their teammates, and their opponents at all times. Students should at no point perform “toxic” or “griefing” activities during any game in e-sports (to include but limited to losing on purpose, leaving games because they are losing, cursing, raging, or spamming chat).

    To give all students the best opportunity to shine, the LMS E-sports team is broken down into smaller teams by skill level and availability. Due to this we may be scheduled to play each other in tournaments (which we have no control of) or in practices. Whether they win or lose, it is important to do so with grace and be able to take something away from it to improve.

    At any time if a student's account is banned during the season, they must notify the coach within a reasonable time of, the time of banning, restrictions, and reason stated. Failure to notify the coach will be an automatic expulsion from the team, No exceptions. If the ban was justified by the game company, or league they will be unable to play on the team for the terms of the ban. If the student believes the ban was unjustified and can make an argument to the fact, we will work with them in overturning the ban with the game provider, or league to our ability (the student owns the account and will need to take actions in the process).

    As coach, I have very little control over online play with people outside of the school team. Every game we play has a reporting feature, which should be utilized in the event of unsportsmanlike conduct online. If during a tournament this occurs, I have direct contact with the coaches of the other team and it will be addressed on their side. If it's another team member, I will address it. At no time should the student stoop to the level of someone else and show unsportsmanlike conduct to anyone. If they do, they will receive the same consequences as if they were the original offender.

    If a student is caught cheating or “hacking” they will be kicked off the team for the season.

    Consequences for students on the team will be decided by the E-sports coach, but can include:

    • Redirecting, or a correction


    • Being benched for an amount a time (may vary)


    • Being kicked off the team for the season

    When it comes to consequences it is known that students are still growing as sportsmen and mistakes are going to happen. After the consequence, nothing will be held against the student. That being said, there is No tolerance on the team for lying. If a student is found to have lied to the coach about anything they will be immediately kicked off the team and will be unable to be on the E-sports team for LMS in the future. Due to the nature of e-sports honesty is important. Students are given leadership roles and report their own scores after tournaments. If a student lies in reporting scores the whole Lincolnton Middle School E-sports team can be expelled from competing in our league.


  • Once students are on the team they make a commitment to their teammates to try their best. That being said they can’t put in full effort if they are not present whether that is virtual, or in person. It is known that things happen. In the circumstance that a student can not attend e-sports they need to let the coach know ahead of time, and what the reason is. If it is a legitimate reason it will not be held against them, but each student is allowed 3 days unexcused before they are removed from the team for the season.