• All Mid-Atlantic Team

    2019-Chase Gilley


    East-West All Star Game Selections

    2021-Chase Lynch

    2020-Chase Gilley

    2020-Logan Gilley


    All State

    2020-Chase Lynch

    2019-Chase Gilley, Logan Gilley

    2018-Chase Gilley, Logan Gilley


    All Region

    2020-Chase Lynch, Will White, Landon Graden, Blake Swanson, Jackson Thrap 


    2019-Chase Gilley, Logan Gilley, Pearson Cunningham, Noah Graden, Tyler Swanson


    2018-Chase Gilley, Logan Gilley, Noah Graden, Miller Towson



    Conference Offensive Player of the Year

    2018, 2019-Chase Gilley


    Charlotte Observer Player of the Year

    2019-Chase Gilley