• Welcome!

    I look forward to a great semester. I know this will again be a difficult time for the school and community. We will get through this together and work to ensure all students at LHS continue their education in order to prepare for the future. I am here to help any time.

    Contact Information

    I am available through email, phone, or Remind messages.

    Email: cmartin2@lincoln.k12.nc.us

    Phone: 704-735-3089

    Sign up for my English III remind: Send this message: @bc8679a to this number: 81010

    Parents, please complete the Parent Contact Information Form as soon as possible.

    Classroom/Remote Learning Expectations

    Students will complete work for my course on Canvas. Students can log in both online and can download the student Canvas app. They will need access to a device, such as a chromebook or cell phone, and the internet. Students will be using the Canvas course while on campus as well; therefore, students should bring a device to school. Please let me know on the Parent contact Information Form if you have any technology concerns or needs.

    It is very important that students be consistent and complete work Monday through Friday. With the blended learning, there is a lot of flexibility with when students complete work, but evidence shows that growth increases when students do a little bit every day rather than put it off a long time and complete a lot in one sitting.

    Attendance will be taken. Students must either be physically in class or show interaction with the assignments. Just logging in to Canvas does not mean a student is present for class.

    Grading Procedures

    Classwork (Daily work completed in class) -- 5%

    Formative Grades (Smaller assignments that show your progress) -- 35%

    Summative Grades (quizzes, tests, projects) -- 60%

    The above are to calculate grades for each nine weeks. There is no longer an NC Final for English III. You can be exempt from the final exam depending on your grade and absences. If you are exempt from the exam, your nine weeks grades will be averaged to get your final grade. 

    Exemption Policy

    No more than 4 absences and/or 4 tardies + A in the class = exempt

    No more than 3 absences and/or 3 tardies + B in the class = exempt

    No more than 2 absences and/or 2 tardies + C in the class = exempt


    Students who do not qualify for exemption from the exam will take a comprehensive teacher-made exam, which will count as 20% of the course grade. Your averaged nine week grades will be the other 80% of your final grade.