Supplies for the first day of school
  • REQUIRED ART SUPPLIES to bring to class daily

    • Art journal 9x12 
    • Pencils &  pencil sharpener
    • Glue
    • A wides assortment of ephemera. EXAMPLES: It could be magazine pages, anything at all that catches your eye. Papers that may normally go into the trash.  Look for colors and textures, inspirational quotes, sayings, verses, affirmations, mantras,... theatre programs, posters for events, ticket stubs, leaflets, flyers, and bumper stickers. Photos, receipts, clothing tags, tissue paper from shoe boxes, dried flowers or petals, Starbucks or other paper shopping bags, recycled envelopes from bills (those are my favorite), unique postages from the mail, notes from someone,... IF you start training your eye to look out for interesting supplies when you are out and about you will be surprised what you may uncover!



    • Watercolor set
    • Nylon Hair Paint Brushes- a small set 

    HONORS STUDENT SUPPLIES- in addition to supplies noted above will be covered in class.

    Donation Items Needed:

    Paper...any paper, any size paper, Cardboard, Paint, National Geographic, Embroidery Thread, Empty spray bottles, Hardcover books, Sewing scraps, Old cameras, Wooden chairs, Silk flowers, Coffee mugs, Cigar boxes, Candles, Paint Scrapers, Pliers, Wood scraps (square or rectangle), Wire, Blenders, Hairdryers, Old calenders, Tables, Lamps, Window Screens, Old odorless boots, Yardsticks, Bones, ANtlers, and any fascinating still life stuff.