• Parents and other responsible adults, please make sure you are able to follow your student's progress in CANVAS. All grades, notes, comments, and announcements are available in Canvas.

    Remind App Codes for Fall 2022:

    • 2nd Math 4H = @rome2m4h
    • 3rd Math 2 = @rome3m2
    • 4th Math 4 = @rome4m4
    • A2 Homeroom = @romeHR26
    • Check your school email to join by invitation


    Amazon Wish List

    • to be shared soon


    Supply List

    • Three-ring binder (2” or more preferred)
    • Looseleaf notebook paper with holes
    • Pencils with erasers
    • Highlighters or colored pencils
    • Ruler or straightedge 
    • 10-15 clear sheet protectors


    Math Course Grade Calculation

    • 40% Summative (tests, projects)
    • 60% Formative (classwork, homework, quizzes)
      • *Remember that teachers cannot discuss your grades in front of other students, so please hold questions until the end of class if you are unable to send a message.


    What to Expect

    • Content and assignments will be accessible in Canvas in addition to in-person instruction.
    • Students should check Canvas Modules, student email, and Canvas Inbox frequently.
    • Participation in class activities, note-taking, and completing examples thoroughly is expected.
    • Your class notes outline will be printed for you; you will add to these during class.
    • We show all steps and work and round to three decimal places unless directed otherwise.
    • Keep everything in your notebook. Do not throw anything away!
      • Math 3 has an EOC at the end of the semester.
      • Math 2 has a teacher-made exam you may be exempt from if grades/attendance meet certain criteria.


    Student Handbook Items to Review

    • Dress code
    • Cell phone and technology usage
    • Attendance and tardies
    • Late work and retesting
      • *These are posted online and will be reviewed during the first week

    Learning and personal growth will be our focus, so you will be challenged but supported. Aim to top your personal best! If you feel you are stuck, come see me. I will help you. Please know you are ALWAYS welcome in my room. Come to me with any questions or concerns… not just math!

    ~ Ms. Rome