• Social/Emotional stories

    Posted by Kristen Hull on 5/18/2020

    Hi Cubs

    You can access some Social/Emotional stories and lessons for FREE from www.youthlight.com.  They will have new stories and lessons on different topics each week.  This week is Self Control.  Great resource.


    Hi Cubs

    This week's free Youthlight.com lesson is on handling conflict.

    Hi Cubs

    This week's free Youthlight.com lesson is on mindful breathing.

    Hi Cubs

    This week's free Youthlight.com lesson is about Empathy and Respect.  Check it out!

     Hi Cubs

    There are new Youthlight.com lessons on friendship available!

    Hi Cubs

    The new Free Youthlight.com lesson this week is on Focus and Attention.  Something for younger and older students

    Hi Cubs

    This weeks Free Youthlight.com lesson is on dealing with sadness, which is an emotion we probably all have experienced lately. 

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  • Perseverance Video

    Posted by Kristen Hull on 3/31/2020
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  • Useful websites

    Posted by Kristen Hull on 3/25/2020

    Hey Cubs
    I have listed few websites that students are familiar with from Guidance. These may be good to access during their time at home. They are very fun and interactive.
    www.wedolisten.org - This is a great character education website with animated books, lesson questions and songs.
    www.cfnc.org - The College Foundation of North Carolina website. 4th and 5th graders have used the plan tab at the top to explore colleges and careers.
    Paws in Jobland - Scroll to the bottom of the CFNC site to click on Paws. K - 5th Graders can explore careers in a fun and interactive way using this site.
    These sites are free and you do not have to set up an account to use them.
    - Mrs. Hull

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  • Study Tips and Strategies

    Posted by Kristen Hull on 3/18/2020

    Hey Cubs
    It's Mrs Hull again with some study tip to help get you through your independent work packets while you're working at home these next couple weeks. We've been learning about Self Discipline and academic skills throughout March and if there is ever a time to need these skills it's now.
    1. Use your planner to organize your assignments
    2. Choose a regular time each day to study or do homework
    3. Have your materials before you begin.
    4. Do the easiest questions first and use clues from these to help answer harder ones.
    5. Work steadily without daydreaming.
    6. Take breaks if necessary for focus and concentration. Use deep breathing strategies.
    7. Start assignments quickly. Do not procrastinate.
    8. Check for errors.
    9. Eat a good breakfast each day before beginning.
    10. Carefully read directions before beginning.
    11. Ask if you need help.
    12. Answer all parts to the questions.
    13. Write neatly and accurately.
    14. Put your name on all work.
    15. As always remember to take care of yourself emotionally, mentally and physically and do some things you enjoy these next two weeks as well.
    Love to you all,
    Mrs. Hull

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  • Zones of Regulation

    Posted by Kristen Hull on 3/16/2020

    Hey Cubs and parents,
    During this time of uncertainty I am aware that there may some anxiety among our Childers family. So Cubs I want to remind you about our Zones of Regulation that we learned about in guidance last week. For the next two weeks evaluate your feelings and use your strategies to stay in the green zone, where we are the most healthy and productive. Take care of yourselves emotionally, mentally and physically so that when we do return we will be ready to tackle the rest of the year. I will miss my Cubs over the next two weeks. Stay safe and healthy. See you when we return. -Mrs. Hull
    Blue zone strategies:. Exercise, stretch, rest, listen to music, talk it out and drink water.
    Green zone strategies:
    Read, eat healthy, journal, exercise, drink water, time in nature.
    Yellow zone strategies:
    Talk it out, deep breathing, take breaks, size up the problem, fidget tools, exercise, time in nature, listen to music.
    Red zone strategies:
    Talk it out, music, beep breathing, counting to ten, take a break, safe spot.
    Zones of Regulation, Leah Kuypers, published 2011

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