• crayon marbeling

    • Peel old crayons and make rubbings of found objects by placing the object under a paper and rubbing the top of the paper with the side of a crayon. 
    • Place old crayons on a piece of paper and use a hairdryer to melt them. 
    • Experiment with water colors by wetting the paper first and then adding the paint and watch the color grow and move or add salt and let it soak it up.  If you don't have water colors you can make some by recycling old markers.  Just take off the lid and put the marker into a cup of water overnight.  You can even experiment to see what colors are made by putting two different markers together.
    • Drop old fingernail polish (with supervision) into a pan of water, gently swirl it with a toothpick and then lay a piece of paper on top and quickly pull it up.  You should have a marbled design.  You can look up marbeling to see examples and more instructions. 
    • Print some flowers with the end of a bunch of celery, the bottom of a drink bottle, or by cutting slits at the end of a toilet paper tube. 


    photo courtesy of Meg Duerksen