• 2020-2021 Elementary School Battle of the Books List

    Never too soon to look for our 2020-2021 Battle of the Books Team!  We are excited for the upcoming year, and yes, we are still on!  If you have a BOB student or one that is interested in becoming a BOB student (4th - 5th grade), please make sure to follow up with them.  Print out a list or have your student get one from the media center, help them gain access to the books either through the main library or school library.  Once they are reading, ask about the books, if they like them and what they are about, ask them to share details about the book, study the book list and authors (above link), and encourage them to keep reading!  Save the date, February 26th is the BOB Lincoln County Elementary School Competition. 

    If you are one of the BGES BOB Team members from 2019-2020 and moving onto Middle School, please click on the following link to access the MS link: NC Middle School 2020-2021 Battle of the Books List