• What is Makerspace?


    Makerspace is a fast-growing trend that cultivates learning and allows students to “make” creations, inventions, designs, and so much more in “spaces” that are conducive to “makers” needs. I want to bring a new level of love for the library. Our Nesting Hub will be a distinguished learning center that is not replicated throughout the school. Students will have hands-on learning opportunities that will allow for trial and error as they build on prior knowledge to refine and shape their approach to different projects. Imagine a space where students of all ages and abilities can tinker, construct, design, collaborate, fail/succeed, and be their own teacher. Makerspaces can ignite a contagious desire for learning through hands-on, authentic opportunities for learning and expression.

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  • We are so excited to have the "Nesting Hub" (a.k.a. makerspace) at Union Elementary School! STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.  Students in the 4th and 5th grades will come to the Nesting Hub once a week as an extra special area class.  Students will become scientists, technicians, engineers, artists, and mathematicians as they work on deepening their skills in planning, designing, inventing, constructing, and testing new ideas to solve important problems. 

    In order to carry out a lot of these challenges, we are in need of some everyday items. If you have any items listed below that you’d like to donate to our UES Nesting Hub, please send them with your child. There are drop-off areas in the library.  Please feel free to clean out your craft closets and donate your unwanted items.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Allen 



    Legos of any kind                                                         empty toilet paper rolls 

    Clothes pins                                                                 empty paper towel rolls  

    Pom-poms                                                                    Aluminum foil, saran wrap, and wax paper     

    Beads                                                                           Spoons

    Cotton balls                                                                  Coffee filters 

    Dixie cups                                                                    Paper plates (various sizes)

    Masking tape                                                               Pipe cleaners 

    Craft Sticks/Popsicle Sticks (any colors/sizes)           Tissue Paper 

    Straws                                                                         Zip ties






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