Career and College Promise (CCP)

  • The College Now program from Gaston College is one of several options students can take advantage of to get a head start on college and a career while they are still in high school. College Now is a dual-enrollment program that offers students the opportunity to take tuition-free college classes while they are a junior and senior in high school. 

    • Student can save thousands of dollars in college tuition with this program (see our comparison chart below).
    • Qualifying tuition-free courses count directly toward a certificate, diploma or degree from Gaston College or transfer to a four-year school; while AP classes require more testing before college credit can be earned.
    • Most of the College Now classes are also what we call dual-credit courses. This means they take one class but earn high school class credit and college course credit at the same time. Many of them have the same weight as AP classes.
    • College Now is very flexible. Your student can take classes online, in-person, or through a hybrid format. Courses are available during the school day, evening, and over the summer break. So, they can take courses that fit their learning style and at a time that works for your family’s schedule.

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