• Mission Statement


    Our mission for the East Lincoln Mustang Basketball program is to take the student-athlete where he cannot take himself, by creating an environment that teaches them to:


    1. Relentlessly pursue and win games consistently each year by working hard in the off-season and giving their maximum effort in-season.


    2. Respect, Foster, and Draw strength from our individual and cultural diversity.


    3. Achieve academic success while establishing and exemplary foundation of leadership in the classroom and community.


    4. Nurture physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth and development.

    Our program is based on values of family, successful attitudes, and team chemistry.


    1. Family - We believe in unconditional love, trust, and support from our family members and teammates.


    2. Attitude - We embrace a relentless commitment to excellence, selflessness, humility, and passion in the game of basketball and in life.


    3. Chemistry - We teach mutual respect, establishing priorities, and team goal setting where players understand that the team always comes before any individual player.