• Homecoming 2018

  • Court
    Seniors:  Olivia Correa, Taylor Doss, Mia Duvall, Sage Warren and Lizbeth Woodby
    Juniors:  Sharidan Farris, Ameah Gaddy, Brooke Hudson, Danielle Schmoyer and Chelsea Stegal
    Sophomores:  Emily Aberle, Breanna Broome, Corinne Delaney and Audrey Irving
    Freshmen:  Faith Lowman and Chloe Soorus

    Senior Football Players and Representatives
    Christian Delaney and Brandee Franklin
    Gage Sims and Madison Seefus
    Devan Gray and Carter Hudson
    Clayton Cribb and Carleigh Peeler
    Matthew Parks and Jayden Leatherman
    Terry Ferrell and Kailey Thompson
    Tanner Brumfield and Brianna Bryant
    Alex Collins and Haley Bullock
    Peyton Wilkie and Alyssa Jones
    Jacob Harmon and Claire Snider
    Blaine Chaney and Scarlett Beal
    Nicholas Goodson and Alisa Andrews
    Jaylon Hockersmith and natalie Burgess
    Noah Lambert and Karstin Alfaro