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    Students: We will use Google Classroom for our classes.
    Be sure to check your school email account daily.
    My Schedule: 7:30-3:15
    7:30-8:00 Arrival/Announcements
    8:00-8:30 W.I.N. Time
    8:30-9:15 1st 8th Grade Elective
    9:15-10:00 2nd 8th Grade Elective
    10:00-10:40 Planning
    10:40-11:25 1st 6th Grade Elective
    11:25-12:10 2nd 6th Grade Elective
    12:10-1:20 Planning/Lunch
    1:20-2:05 1st 7th Grade Elective
    2:05-2:50 2nd 7th Grade Elective
    2:50-3:15 Dismissal
    The "best" way to contact me is via email: chull@lincoln.k12.nc.us
    Or you can call the school at 704-735-1120 ext. 34702
    No supplies are needed for this class.
    However, donations of clorox wipes, tissues, and air freshener/lysol spray are greatly appreciated.
  • 6th Grade
    Foundations of STEM 
    Students are introduced to concepts of STEM through problem-based learning and hands-on activities. Engaging e-learning curriculum presents real-world challenges and explores STEM careers like design and engineering. Foundations of STEM includes the LearnMate® classroom management system which delivers curriculum, tracks student progress and enables assessments.
  • 7th Grade
    Introduction To Competitive Robotics 
    Introduction to Competitive Robotics consists of fourteen hands-on activities enhanced by interactive media, videos and simulations. Through step-by-step activities covering robot assembly and programming, teams learn to build and program a competitive robot for both autonomous and operator control. Activities enable teams to quickly understand and apply the concepts many teams struggle with, like encoders, ultrasonic, line followers and PID control. 
  • 8th Grade
    Introduction To Advanced Manufacturing 
    In this course, students explore automated manufacturing processes, manufacturing industries and career options. Students learn about the structure of a manufacturing company, rapid prototyping, 3D printing and concurrent engineering. Students learn how to use computer-aided design (CAD) software and apply design and manufacturing processes. Projects include planning a manufacturing company, designing prototypes and products and manufacturing parts. 

Phone: 704-735-1120 ext. 34702


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Chad Hull

I graduated from Lincolnton High School in 1985. I joined the Marines and served 20 years on active duty. I served 2 tours in Iraq: Operation Desert Shield/Storm in 1990-91 and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. I spent more than 5 years overseas, mostly in Japan. I retired from the Marines in 2005 and became a teacher. This is my 19th year teaching at LMS. 

I attended Coastal Carolina Community College, University of Maryland, Campbell University, and graduated from Southern Illinois University with a B.S. in Electronic Systems Technology. I also attended Appalachian State University and obtained my teaching license in Technology Education, grades 6-12.

I like hunting, fishing, and camping and I have a big garden and love to do yard work and just about anything outdoors. I have been married for 300... I mean 32... years, and we have 3 sons, ages 31, 27, and 24.