• Courtney Trickle signed to play with Guilford College (Greensboro)

    Courtney Trickle

    Back Row:  L-R Darlene Trickle,  Vicky Bowman, NLHS Carlee Carpenter, Catawba Valley Storm JJ Chalk

    Front Row: L-R Chad Trickle, Carlee Trickle, Courtney, Shannon Trickle


    Gabrielle Solomita signed to play with Lynchburg College

    Gabrielle Solomita

    Back Row:  L-R  Tony Mugno, Patty Mugno, Zac Reeder, Denver Dazzle Chad Trickle, NLHS Carlee Carpenter

    Front Row:  L-R  Barbara Solomita, Gabrielle, Nick Solomita.