• 2023/2024 SIT Meeting Dates

    September 13th

    October 11th

    November 8th

    December 13th

    January 10th

    February 14th

    March 13th

    April 10th

    May 8th

    May 29th


    2023/2024 SIT Members

    Tammy Barnes Parent
    Ashley Beam Teacher 704-736-1860
    Taylor Bowen Teacher 704-736-1860
    Nichole Caroniti Other 704-736-1860
    Nara Cocarelli Teacher 704-736-1860
    Gregory Franklin Teacher 704-736-1860
    Delbert Lambert Assistant Principal 704-736-1860
    Christina McClain Teacher 704-736-1860
    Nathan McLean Principal 704-736-1860
    Cassondra Pennington CTE Teacher 704-736-1860
    Nathan Richardson Teacher 704-736-1860
    Stuart Robinson Teacher 704-736-1860
    Michelle Thor Teacher 704-736-1860
    Joshua Van Eseltine Assistant Principal 704-736-1860




    Leadership through learning with

    High expectations for all



    As Team ELHS, we are the adults who facilitate a student-centered environment focused on teaching and learning in a clean, safe and orderly school. We are working to stregthen our school culture by setting high expectations, increasing rigor, and teaching academic/social behaviors for both individual and collective student success. It is our intent to maximize our core instruction so that our school performance data reflects growth and achievement at overall higher rates for our total school population. 


    We believe that all students can learn.

    We set high expectations for academic rigor, positive social behaviors, and character education.

    We understand that formative assessment is used to drive changes in instruction and that summative assessment is used for grading.

    We focus on continuous improvement in all things, EAST.

    We embrace change as a necessary tool for increased/improved outcomes.

    We recognize the importance of a clean and welcoming learning environment.

    We acknowledge the importance of a safe and orderly campus.

    We support opportunities for students to include music, arts, athletics, clubs, travel, honor societies, and a variety of experiences both in and out of the classroom.




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