• Class Information


    I want to define homework.  Homework is Classwork that is NOT finished. 

    All assignments are written on the homework board that is located in the classroom.  Students will copy the assignments into their planners.  There will be times that the homework will be in packets.  Please NOTE:::the entire packet is NOT due the next day.  Students will have classtime to work on these packets and then I will assign certain pages for homework.  


    Math Journals

    Students will take notes of all math content that will be taught.  Math journals will contain the page number of the textbook where information can be located and studied from the textbook.  Math jounals will be written by each student, so students need to make sure to copy definitions, illustrations, models and all math information correctly.  Students will need their math journals to study when doing math homework and study for tests.  This math journal will be compiled on a daily basis and students will make sure NOT to lose their math journal.


    Novel Studies

    Students will be reading chapters within a novel here at school.  Once the chapter is read, students will have a variety of literary elements to complete in their journal.  Students will have classtime to complete the reading and get a good start on the literary assignment.  The novel study will most likely come every night to finish for homework.