• Core Content for 2021-2022 School Year  -Biology, Math II, Math III and Math IV

    Text: Conceptional Vocabulary Skills Assessments, Discovery Education Mathematical and Biology Assessment, Reteaching Materials and Enhancement guided practices as well as Printed and Non-Print Recommended Literary Works.

    1. Expectations: Students participate in ongoing assessments throughout the course of the semester to determine student present level of performance in Reading, Written Expression and areas of Mathematics in accordance to their Individual Educational Plan. Student will participate in daily activities that are teacher instructed. Students will also participate in guided practice activities as well as independent activities that are differentiated according to the student reading, writing and math levels.   

    The students will be assigned passwords and usernames to participate in the multiple reading, writing and mathematical programs. Students will be required to participate in the program daily a week or whenever instructed. The students are expected to conference with their teacher once a week to discuss growth or lack of growth as well as explore opportunities to participate in alternative assignments to enhance their skills.

    Organization is imperative in this course.  The last 2-3 weeks of this course will be spent in review and taking practice test or benchmarks.  In order to review successfully, material must be organized properly throughout the 2021-2022 school year.  To facilitate this, the learning objectives will be given to students at the beginning of the course.  These will be placed in student notebooks with all corresponding problems, worksheets, quizzes and the test for each unit. Printed assessments completed as well as class activities will also be provided to the students to review and used for conferences.

    1. Materials: Paper and binder (1.5” - 2” minimum), scientific calculator, black or blue pen, red pen, colored pencils/markers/highlighters for your own use would be helpful,  box of tissues, and roll of paper towels.  Flip charts are optional, if you choose to keep a flip chart you will need a file folder, note cards and tape.
    2. Attendance and Tardies: Because this class will be moving at a fast pace, attendance is important. You are responsible for obtaining any missed assignments and for making them up.  This includes getting the class notes, completing homework and making up any tests, quizzes, or labs. Notes are available on my school web page and classwork will be posted to the calendar daily.  The final exams for this class will be teacher made.  Therefore students may be exempt.  I strongly encourage good attendance so you do not have to take the teacher made exam.In case of an EXCUSED absence, students have THREE days in which to complete work missed UPON RETURNING. Make-up quizzes or tests for an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE is at the teacher discretion.

    Tardies: Time for tardies must be made up according to the following. Failure to serve the make-up time will result in office referral.

    1st tardy        Warning

    2nd tardy       10 minutes. Before/After school or during break

    3rd tardy        15 minutes. Before/After school or during break

    4th tardy        Office referral and in-school suspension. Parking permit warning.

    5th tardy        Office referral and in-school suspension. Loss of parking permit for one week.

    ***Tardies beyond 5 may include loss of additional privileges such as dances, Prom, or other extracurricular activities.

    1. Homework: This course will require students to utilize previous skills gained in core content areas to be successful.  This will require  that students spend  time each week (about 30 minutes a day) outside of class on homework and studying.  It is your chance to figure out what you do and don’t understand.  Don’t just give up when dealing with challenging assignments.  Just dive right in, sometimes in the middle, and it might begin to make sense. Homework will be graded for completion and accuracy to ensure understanding. Answers to homework will be reviewed in class on the due date and occasionally posted online.


    Waiting to copy the answers in class will not help your reasoning and problem solving skills, you must make an attempt at every problem! You will also be required to read various text when applicable. 


    1. Quizzes and Tests: We will have Biweekly quizzes on Tuesday or Wednesday and some Thursdays.  Students who need extended time will be provided the appropriate amount of time needed in order to complete their assignments..  Other quizzes may be given at any time during the week (may or may not be announced)

    -Tests will always be announced and will normally be within 2 days of the completion of a review, or student question and answer sessions.  Students will take the entire class period to multiple choice (MCQ) and essay or free response questions (FRQ).

    -To receive full credit on tests and quizzes, students must attempt to answer every question.  

    -All tests and quizzes will consist of questions from various resources for Math and Science.

    1. Grading: Grading will be calculated on a percentage basis.  There will occasionally be extra credit questions on the tests.  These are the only type of extra credit available.  Do not ask for individual extra credit!!  I will enter grades into Power School within five days of the test date unless something unforeseen occurs. Lincoln County policy requires grades be entered within 10 days of the test date.

                       Tests = 40%;  Quizzes = 30%; Labs/projects = 20%; Homework = 10%

    1. Classroom rules and consequences: Students are expected to be considerate of others’ ideas, comments, criticisms, and opinions. Students are to arrive to class ready to participate, listen, and learn. Students who disrupt the learning environment of the class will receive the following:

    1st offense    verbal or written warning

    2nd offense    written warning/parental call (may receive ASD if initial warning is unsuccessful)

    3rd offense    ASD (may be removed from class to office/parental conference)

    4th offense    removed from class to office

    1. Electronic Devices in the classroom: Cell phones must be put away during instruction, independent practice, group work, or while completing formal and informal assessments. There will be times when students will use their devices for research purposes. Cell phones should not be used as calculators on a regular basis. If a student violates these rules, I will ask the student to turn off the device and hand it to me or place it on my desk to be returned at the end of class. Multiple offenses by the same student will result in the cell phone being turned in to the office for parental pick-up and a conference with administration. Please help me reinforce the importance of time-on-task and limiting unnecessary distractions.  Cell phones should never be used for any reason during a test or quiz, and will result in a grade of zero and an office referral.
    2. Academic Honesty: I strongly encourage group work both inside and out of the class.  However please be an active member of the group.  If you choose to simply copy from another student or look up answers online, you will not be helping yourself. Make sure you understand the concept or problem clearly and can demonstrate your understanding during independent practice.
    3.  Tutoring and Contact information: I will be available for tutoring after school on Wednesday of  each week. All students are required to make an appointment for the Wednesday tutorial sessions. Please feel free to call or email.  My number is 704-736-1969 ext 61055. My email address is  pbarnes@lincoln.k12.nc.us.  I will respond within 24 hours during the school week or Monday following the weekend.

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