EL Learners

    The mission of English as a Second Language (EL) is to:  provide intensive EL instruction that offers non-native speakers the opportunity to acquire the communicative competence necessary to achieve academic, social, and personal needs.


  • Tim Beam
    Dr. Tim Beam
    Chief of Federal Programs and K-12 Arts Director
    Phone: 704-736-1017 Ext. 30172
    Fax: 704-736-4298

    Sindy Carias-Campos
    Parent Liaison/Translator 
    Phone: 704-736-1017 Ext. 30171
    Fax: 704-736-1685 

    Alejandro Cerdas
    Office Support/Receptionist/Translator 
    Phone: 704-736-1693 Ext. 30190
    Fax: 704-736-1685