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    at Battleground Elementary School! 

    School library media programs are the foundation of a 21st Century education.  Test scores demonstrate that quality school library programs, under the direction of a certified/licensed school librarian, result in higher levels of academic achievement.  

    "In addition, one of the goals of the school library program is to to create life-long readers. It is imperative that school librarians work with teachers and parents to find ways to instill in students the joy of reading while helping them build the reading habit.

    To become life-long readers, students must have . . .

    • access to current, quality, high interest, and extensive collections of books and other print materials in their school libraries, classrooms, and public libraries;
    • contact with adults who read regularly and widely and who serve as positive reading role models;
    • certified school librarians and classroom teachers who demonstrate their enthusiasm for reading by reading aloud and booktalking;
    • time during the school day dedicated to reading for pleasure, information, and exploration;
    • opportunities specifically designed to engage young people in reading;
    • schools that create an environment where independent reading is valued, promoted, and encouraged; and
    • opportunities that involve care givers, parents and other family members in reading".

    -American Association of School Librarians (AASL)