NLHS Phone Number: (704) 736-1969

    Extension: 61010
    The procedure for early dismissal is as follows:
    The student must present a parent note to the front office before 8:00AM. The note should include the following:
    Student's first & last name
    Phone number of parent/guardian for confirmation of dismissal
    The date & time of dismissal
    Parent's/guardian's signature
    The student will receive an early release pass and will show the teacher upon entry to the class they will need to leave, but will return the slip to the front desk prior to signing out on the computer in the office. Each student must sign out in the front office prior to leaving. Early dismissal notes must be verified by a parent/guardian prior to dismissal, without exception, or must be approved by an administrator. This process helps us to avoid unnecessarily interrupting classroom instruction. 
    Phone calls for early dismissal are for emergency purposes only.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.
  • NLHS Receptionist 

    Email:  regina.ballard@lincoln.k12.nc.us