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  • Hello All!

       My name is Heather Blake-Rambach, and I hail from Buffalo, New York.  The Buffalo area has everything to do with the person I am today.  It is rich in history and culture which fascinates me to this day.  Experiencing everything from life before the settlers through Iroquois powwows to boat rides along the Niagara River witnessing those colossal grain mills so prominent in that steamboat era to simply the multitude of European pockets of culture with their wide-ranging gastronomic delights,  I have been shaped to love this country's diverse origin as a result of having grown up in Buffalo. As a kid, I grew up along Lake Erie's waterfront and attended Lake Shore High School.  Upon graduation, I eventually found comfort at the State University of New York at Fredonia where I secured my bachelor of science degree in education.  While in attendance, I was uncertain as to which grade level was most fascinating to me, so I stayed on campus a little longer to earn the credits that would enable me to attain teaching certificates in kindergarten through twelfth grade.  Needless to say, after graduating, that is exactly what I explored.  I have been teaching for about 19 years now, and I have worked with pre-school age children all the way through twelfth grade English.  I have even taken on the AP Language & Composition course in an effort to prepare students for the college writing experience.  I really believe that my experiences with all of these age levels has led me to better understand what is needed from me in the high school setting so that students will be prepared for their next chapter.  Too often there is a gap in their ability to read, write, & communicate as needed in college or the work force, so it has become my goal to end that.  I absolutely love to read and write...probably write a little bit more than read, and I want to share that with as many kids as I can.  It is my goal to preserve our deteriorating language. Aside from all-things-English, I work after hours with our school's service community, the Interact Club, as well as with Amy Reel, our high school pageant coordinator, in an effort to shape compassion and confidence in our youth.