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    2021 - 2022 Parent Input

    Parents of North Brook Students,

    As the end of the school year approaches, we are beginning the formal process of creating class lists for the 2021-2022 school year. This is a lengthy and complex process. This year the teachers are providing input and then Ms. Wright and I will prepare class lists that are balanced and contain a mixture of abilities and behaviors in order to form a heterogeneous learning environment.

    We believe that parental input is important. I am interested in hearing about your child's learning strengths and needs and the type of classroom environment in which you feel your child best achieves. I am also interested in hearing about their previous experiences in school and how these experiences may have helped or hindered their learning. With that said, do not list specific teacher names, we are not taking request. Input that requests a specific teacher will not be honored. I’m sure you can imagine the imbalance filling specific teacher requests would create. If you choose to provide parental input please follow the guidelines above and submit this Google Form to Mrs. Carroll or send in writing via email to: jcarroll@lincoln.k12.nc.us. Your input should be received no later than Friday, May 28th.

     2021-2022 Parent Input Link

    Kindergarten Enrollment

    Click below to access the links for Kindergarten Registration:



     Infosnap English Kindergarten Registration


    Infosnap Spanish Kindergarten Registration


    For more information visit our district page:

    District Kindergarten Registration Information


    Driver's License

    When you visit our school for lunch or to check out a student make sure you have your Photo ID and are listed on the students' contact list.  Thank you for your support to keep North Brook a safe place to learn.